13 Risk of Fatal Use of Mobile Phone Constantly

There was no denying that mobile phones (mobile phone) has been widely present a variety of convenience in human life. Although much debated, many people worried about the negative impact of radiation caused.
The largest study ever conducted about the dangers of mobile phones has denied the existence of the risk of brain cancer in penggguna phone. Research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates the risk is too great not to worry about.

However, recent research in India again emphasized the threat of cancer, especially in children and adolescents. The researchers, Prof Girish Kumar said that even radiation hazard also exists in some Base Transceiver Station (BTS).
"One base station can transmit power 50-100W. Countries that have many mobile operators such as India could be exposed to 200-400W power. Radiation can not be underestimated, can be very deadly," said Prof Kumar.

What Happens to The Human Body During Sleep

Humans spend about one-third his age to sleep. Sleep is not merely rest, but far from it there are process improvements in all organs of the body.

What happens to the body during sleep?

Not just resting the muscles, during sleep the body undergoes repair and detoxification (remove toxins). Sleep also gives an opportunity for the immune system to produce hormones immunity (immune system).
Poor sleep patterns associated with poor health as well. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to numerous health problems like high blood pressure, obesity, depression, irregular hormone production, immune system weakness, memory loss, irritability and decreased concentration.

Tips for Overcoming Feet Dry and Cracked

Too often in the room air-conditioned or very cold weather can make our skin becomes dry and we too go unnoticed heel becomes rough and cracked.

Here are tips to cope with dry feet and cracked with the materials available near you:

1. Prepare 2 tablespoons olive oil (to moisturize the feet), 2 pieces of cucumber (remove fatigue) and 2 tablespoons lemon juice (remove dead skin cells)

2. Blend all ingredients above into one, then warm

3. Paste the ingredients above in the whole leg, then let stand for 10 minutes

4. Perform routine at least 2 times a week and enjoy the results

Voyager - Motivation Video from Hellofest 7

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." Maria Robinson

Hair lengthening

Sometimes we experience things we do not want in everyday life, surely it. One of them is a haircut that failed. Already pay expensive salon hoping to change their appearance to be more fresh, more beautiful and more interesting but instead failed miserably. Instead of more interesting shapes our hair became damaged. Any problem there must be remedies. For haircuts failed miserably one solution is to lengthen the hair to be trimmed back to the model.

Actually it's easy to speed up the process of hair lengthening. There are several tips that we can do.

1. Avoid shampooing every day

Shampooing every day will make the hair dry because it does not allow your scalp to produce oil which moisturize hair. Low humidity will make the hair easy to break.

2. Using a heater

Heating usage such as hair dryer and hair clamp will make the hair brittle fracture or fall out so easily.

3. Combing hair more often

Combing hair make hair look neat addition can also stimulate new hair growth. Serration of the comb directly massaging the scalp and stimulate new hair growth.

4. Hair Masks

Not just facial hair that needs a mask but also requires extra nutrients. Using a hair mask periodically and regularly to speed up the process of extending hair. Hair mask there are two kinds of chemicals (with treatment salon) or natural. Use according to the needs and abilities.

Hair Extension Care Tips

For appearance with hair extensions remain attractive must be kept and maintained as possible even though the long hair from hair extensions do not belong to you.

1. Keep Hair Clean
The first step that must be done is to maintain the cleanliness of your hair. Also use mild shampoo and conditioner products to wash it off. If less confident with your choices, can ask the hair stylist you trust.

2. Avoid Water Shower
When you do wash your hair to avoid a direct hit by water pouring from a shower or a shower because it can cause hair to become matted. Avoid also from water swimming pool / sea water because it contains chlorine and salts that can damage the hair. If you want to use a swim cap to swim.

3. Use a Loose-Flops
You can still hair with different styles even if they use hair extensions and do not be afraid to tie up her hair. Select a clip that does not loosen or top-knot of hair.

4. Natural Drying
Do not use a heater such as excessive hair dryer. Wash with warm water and let hair dry by itself.

The important thing to note is avoid coloring or perming own. If you still want to express your hair, consult with experts in the salon that you trust your subscription.

Recognize Signs of Illness Early

In general, it's actually a serious disease can be cured, if detected early and treated promptly. Because of that, look at your body carefully to catch the signs of dangerous diseases.

Here are some signs of dangerous diseases that need to be aware of:

1. Heart disease

Shortness of breath, chest feels oppressed, swelling in the feet and ankles, feeling tired prolonged.

Tips to Overcome Acne

It has a sleek skin of the face which would be everyone's dream no exception for the men. Many also use bernagai medical way to get rid of pimples that are already attached to the skin. Use of antibiotics to overcome this problem is very dangerous because of its influence to interfere with digestion.

Here are some tips to overcome acne safely without using ingredients that are harmful to the body in two weeks.

How to Get Beautiful Hair

Whatever hair style if your hair is not healthy then the appearance would not be maximal. So no wonder many women spend a lot of time to beautify their hair.

Having a healthy and lush hair can make you look younger and the following steps can help you get your hair healthy and shiny.

1. Avoid sun exposure to either heat or hair dryers, straighteners and curling equipment. The hair is often exposed to heat becomes more fragile and easily damaged that trigger drought and cracked on the hair. So to prevent it you can dry your hair with a fan.

2. Keeping food that is by taking vitamins and minerals. Zinc, biotin, or omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most beneficial nutrients for the hair. In addition, vitamin A, B and E can make hair shiny and strong. Eat lots of carrots, beans, fish, green vegetables, grains, eggs and fruits can provide sufficient minerals and vitamins to make hair shiny.

5 Mistakes in Bath Process

Since the first bath is considered as a useful therapy to relax the mind and cleanse the body if done correctly. But unfortunately some people just make mistakes when taking a bath. Anything?

Some other benefits of a bath is to improve health, helps circulation, relieve stress, soothe sore leg muscles and ease inflammation joint pain.

As quoted from Sixwise.com, there are some mistakes made, thereby reducing or eliminating the benefits of bathing.

Here are some of the mistakes made by a person while showering, namely:

1. Clean the tub with toxic chemicals

Various cleaners are used to clean the tub containing hazardous materials are sometimes associated with cancer, reproductive problems and also damage the central nervous sisem. If the material is hazardous, then chances are there is residue left behind and mingled with the water bath.

2. Bathroom with shower, dirty filter

Use a shower bath can make the body become more relaxed, but only a few people who pay attention to cleanliness showernya filter. Researchers found about 80 percent of germs contained in the shower is sphingomonads or methylobacteria family. The bacteria can infect open wounds, attacks the immune system is weak, urinary tract infections and pneumonia.

3. Just use the shower gel alone

Generally shower gel on the market contain ingredients associated with the toxicity of the reproductive organs, allergies, disorders of the immune system, disrupt the nervous and other organ systems.

4. Soak in chlorinated water

Bathing with water containing chlorine can be very dangerous, especially if the water is warm water. Because warm water will open pores of the skin and the water vapor will inhaled into the body. For that use filters or filters on showers and faucets are also used.

5. Bathing with hot water

Using a water bath that is too hot can be harmful to the skin, which causes skin blisters or dry. Therefore use warm water only, if you use the shower (shower), set temperature to prevent overheating.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Foot Health

Human foot is a machine biomechanical extraordinary that we need to consider his health. On average, each person will walk in all his life like this around the earth twice. Extraordinary work done by our feet to help us do all our daily activities.
Here are tips on how to keep our feet remain healthy in order to continue doing his work load:
1. Notice your feet regularly and pay attention to changes in color, texture or appearance.
2. Keep your feet in good hygiene, including washing and drying between the toes.
3. Dampen your feet.
Hot weather in Indonesia and feet wearing shoes that are not likely to lose the softness and skin moisture away and can lead to dry skin and chapped. It is important to keep the humidity by using a cream lotion regularly.

Sharing with the leadership to make us healthy

Talk to the leadership of what you really think did have a good effect on health. A study in England said, employees who harbored thoughts and feelings will experience feelings of anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, decreasing the brain's ability even mental retardation.
Research conducted a study by dividing a group of 150 managers into two groups. The first group to get training and feed back (reciprocal) of the 500 employees while the second group did not receive reciprocal.
"When a manager to get feed back from staff, they can introspect and managerial style will be more effective in leading," says Emma Donaldson-Feilder in a conference in Brighton, England.

Let's change!! .. 10 Resolution Health in the Year 2011

Resolutions for a healthier life is very desirable, many women at the beginning of the year begins. Unfortunately the resolution is often only survive in the early days of its implementation only. After that, re-living the life that is not healthy.

Now it's time to focus your attention to health. Because you have a goal to improve your life, then you can save the cost of treatment to the doctor. Another advantage is that you will feel
better with a fresh body condition, function better sense of smell, no dry skin, and eating becomes more enjoyable.

This is the recommended resolution to initiate health healthy living, was quoted as saying she knows.

1. Stop Smoking
Many reasons why you should immediately stop smoking. Among them, within 20 minutes after smoking, blood pressure and your pulse returns to normal. After three days of not smoking, the nicotine is not
longer detectable in the blood and makes you able to breathe easily.

Miracle of Water for Our Health

Earth is our departure, 70% of which is formed from water. Composition human body was composed of 70% water. For balance, health and body's need for water awake, do not forget to drink water at least 8 glasses a day which has lined up benefits, including:

1. Body Slimmer
Drink 10-12 glasses a day makes your body slim because your metabolism burns calories 3% faster

2. Prevent Brain Damage
This is because 85% of the brain consists of water. brain can not tolerate even 1% of water shortage even

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