Tips to Overcome Acne

It has a sleek skin of the face which would be everyone's dream no exception for the men. Many also use bernagai medical way to get rid of pimples that are already attached to the skin. Use of antibiotics to overcome this problem is very dangerous because of its influence to interfere with digestion.

Here are some tips to overcome acne safely without using ingredients that are harmful to the body in two weeks.

1. Always keep hands were clean when doing maintenance. If hands are not clean then acne can appear more in wajah.Bersihkan face by using an organic soap and without fragrance. Do twice a day, ie in the morning and before bed. Do not be too frequent cleansing with soap because it can make the face dry.

2. Clean your face with cold water to overcome the excess oil on the face. Besides a good splash of cold water to clean your face, too good to refresh it.

3. Use creams containing benzyl peroxide treatment or salicylic acid, and for those who have sensitive skin, use this cream a little. Please note do not squeeze pimples by hand because it is not a solution to overcome acne. This is actually create new problems, namely holes acne scars.

3. Conducting due to steam facial steam facial is also a good way to get rid of pimples. Other treatments that can reduce swelling and pain and can help get rid of acne is an ice massage stones, especially at night.


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Make sure to watch what you eat and also keep a healthy lifestyle for a more youthful glow.

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