How to Get Beautiful Hair

Whatever hair style if your hair is not healthy then the appearance would not be maximal. So no wonder many women spend a lot of time to beautify their hair.

Having a healthy and lush hair can make you look younger and the following steps can help you get your hair healthy and shiny.

1. Avoid sun exposure to either heat or hair dryers, straighteners and curling equipment. The hair is often exposed to heat becomes more fragile and easily damaged that trigger drought and cracked on the hair. So to prevent it you can dry your hair with a fan.

2. Keeping food that is by taking vitamins and minerals. Zinc, biotin, or omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most beneficial nutrients for the hair. In addition, vitamin A, B and E can make hair shiny and strong. Eat lots of carrots, beans, fish, green vegetables, grains, eggs and fruits can provide sufficient minerals and vitamins to make hair shiny.

3. Routine hair cut every two or three months to keep getting better hair growth and prevent hair branching.

4. Limiting the use of hair styling products because it is a major cause of hair damage. Limit or avoid products such as hairspray or hair gel because it contains a lot of alcohol that causes hair to become damaged.


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