Paracetamol Overuse Can Cause Blood Cancer

Although touted as the safest pain medication, paracetamol is not no risk at all. According to research, taking paracetamol for more than 4 times a week for 4 years could increase the risk of blood cancer.

This type of blood cancer that is triggered by excessive use of paracetamol was lymphoma or myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). This type of cancer, including a rare type of cancer, making treatment more difficult because of limited research.

Paracetamol relationship with blood cancer revealed in a study at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, USA. The study was conducted on 65,000 adults aged over 50 years who were observed for 6 years.

Of all participants, 577 people or about 1 percent of blood cancers as observed at the end of the study period. When compared with the habit of taking medication, this group was more often consume paracetamol compared to other groups.

In the group affected by blood cancer, 9 percent taking paracetamol at least 4 times a week. While the group of healthy participants, paracetamol consumption was relatively uncommon and only 5 percent who drink up to 4 times a week.

"These results show, drink paracetamol at least 4 times a week for 4 consecutive years could increase the risk of cancer of the blood between 1-2 percent," said one researcher, Dr. Dr. Emily White, as quoted from the Telegraph.

Besides increasing the risk of blood cancer, paracetamol is also known to trigger damage to the metabolic system if consumed in excess. Organs are often susceptible to interference due to an overdose of this drug include liver and kidney.

Enjoying Painting Effect Like Fall In Love

Many people claim to not understand the purpose or meaning of a painting. But for those who love to see works of art such as painting effect can be like falling in love and good for health. 

Research has found that parts of the brain are active when a person fall in love or being in a romantic atmosphere will be aroused when he saw the beauty of the works of great paintings. The same thing happens when people can enjoy the works of art. 

Seeing a work of art could trigger a wave of chemical compounds that make a person feel better about the hormone dopamine into the orbito-frontal cortex in the brain. This condition will make a person has intense feelings of pleasure. 

Dopamine and orbito-frontal cortex known to be involved in the passion, affection and sense of fun in the brain. This condition is often associated with the romantic atmosphere of love. This will affect the health status which reduces stress, thereby reducing the risk of certain diseases. 

"There is a very significant new advances in our understanding of what happens in the brain when a person sees a work of art, there is increased blood flow in brain areas usually associated with romantic love relationship," said Polish Professor Zeki, a neurobiologist at University College London, as quoted from the Telegraph. 

Studies of Prof. Zeki this by doing brain scans on volunteers while viewing 28 images of art such as painting The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, Bathing at La Grenouillere works of Claude Monet and Constable's Salisbury Cathedral. 

Professor Zeki said that while viewing the artwork there is a lot of dopamine in the brain region known as the transmitter of good feelings (feel good). This condition is similar to the situation who are in love and this reaction is direct. 

Other results obtained are works of art can be used to improve the welfare and mental health of the community, and can reduce the suffering of patients in the hospital so that the recovery process becomes faster.

How to Maintain Quick Brain Memory Loss

Research has shown that memory loss can begin as early as when 20-something years old. Therefore one should try to keep the memory in his brain so as not to lose.

Memory is important because it stores all kinds of information. Various things will be someone to continue to protect his memory.

There are 5 easy ways you can do to protect it and prevent a person experiencing forgetfulness, as quoted by FoxNews, namely:

Breakfast with the carbohydrate
Skipping carbs could harm the memory, because brain cells require carbohydrates which will be converted by the body into glucose for energy. Choose whole grains and other complex carbohydrates are digested slowly so as to provide a consistent flow of glucose.

Studies from Tufts University found that people who eliminate carbohydrates in the food menu tends to be worse in performing tasks related to memory.

Exercise before the move
Exercise will increase blood flow, bringing much needed oxygen and glucose as fuel. Even people can learn vocabulary words 20 percent faster than if done after doing the exercises. Sports that do not need to bother, could be a way to relax, dance or do kickboxing light.

Doing a web search (web searching) at lunch
Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles found spent 1 hour a day to look for something interesting on the internet (like looking for a vacation) can stimulate parts of the frontal lobe that controls short-term memory.

"The series of nerve will be involved in decision-making skills, visual-spatial and verbal will be highly active when you do a search on the internet," said Dr. Gary Small, author of the study.

Moving around the eye
When parking the vehicle or get out of transportation, try to pay attention to the situation around by moving the eyes from side to side for 30 seconds from the stands. Practicing this simple eye movement can improve long-term memory by 10 percent and help remember important part of the information.

Cleaning your teeth before bed
Dental hygiene not only affects the smile of a beautiful but also important for memory. If teeth are not cleaned then the gums may be inflamed making it easier for bad bacteria enter the bloodstream. Later these bacteria can cause inflammation throughout the body including the brain that causes cognitive impairment.

Strong Medicine for Osama bin Laden

International terrorist leader Osama bin Laden was reported suffering from kidney failure. However, from various types of drugs found in his headquarters, there is a possibility he would suffer impotence due to one of them is strong medicine.

Powerful drug in question is syrup Avena, a type of herbal ingredients that actually indicated as an artificial sweetener and upset stomach. However, due to side effects can arouse sexual desire; this drug is often misused as a 'natural Viagra'.

"In America, 40 percent syrup is used off label, meaning that is used is the side effects" says Cynthia Reilly, pharmacists from the American Society of Health System Pharmacists comment on the findings of tonic at the headquarters of Osama as quoted by MSNBC.

Syrup made from the seed extract Avena oat (Avena sativa), a type of cereal that grows wild in various parts of Europe. Although not much scientific evidence that the syrup is effective to excite the sex, its popularity as a special supplements adult males worldwide enough.

Apart from Avena syrup, types of drugs most commonly found at the headquarters of Osama are upset stomach and cough medicines for children. Interestingly, none of the drugs which indicate that bin Laden suffered from kidney failure as many have believed all along.

Read more, here are the contents of the medicine cabinet at the headquarters of Osama as revealed by news station NBC News Pakistan recently.

1. Grucid Tablets (omeprazole)
The drug is manufactured in India and is indicated to overcome digestive disorders, particularly peptic ulcers. Can also be used to overcome the gastric acid reflux, or a rise in stomach acid into the esophagus.

2. Gabapentin tablet
The main indication of this drug is to control seizures and relieve various types of nerve disorders. Can also be used to relieve pain in herpes infection zoster.

3. Natrilix
If this drug is consumed by Osama himself, then certainly that he was not suffering from kidney failure. For a drug that is indicated to treat high blood pressure should not be given to people with kidney disorders.

4. Penza drop
These ear drops containing ampicillin are used to treat ear infections in children.

5. Syrup Tixylax (Tixylix)
Used to cope with chest pain and cough at night in children.

6. Brufen syrup
It is believed as ibuprofen syrup, which is a pain reliever and fever in children.

7. Dettole
Dettol antiseptic liquid kind used to clean wounds or scratches on the surface of the skin.

8. Avena Syrup
Contains extracts of oat seeds (Avena Sativa), which properties to relieve abdominal pain, but much abused as generating passionate sex.

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