Water Giving Different Benefits in Every Body Part

Lack of body fluids will make the hard concentration and feel tired. Not only to maintain brain function and muscle, water in the body has a variety of benefits in any organ that must be maintained to avoid dehydration.

Dehydration or lack of fluids occurs when the body loses fluids in significant amounts. In addition to passing the sweat, body fluids are also issued in the form of urine and water vapor released from the surface of the skin and as she spoke.

Functions of water in several organs, as quoted from Huffingtonpost, is as follows.

1. Brain
Adequate water levels in the body to make memories sharper, more stable mood and spirit is maintained. Conversely when not drinking, reduced oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system in the brain shrinkage is temporary.

2. Lip
Many drinks will make the moisture lips and throat so it does not, so it does not feel dry. Throat dry and chapped lips caused by lack of water can sometimes also cause bad breath unpleasant and even trigger cavities.

3. Heart
When the body is dehydrated, blood volume is reduced so that the heart must work harder to pump around the body. If not offset by drinking a lot, muscle cells would be starved of oxygen so more quickly feel tired during the move.

4. Vein
When the temperature inside the body heats up, the blood vessels to widen so that blood can pass the heat release into the environment. When the body is dehydrated, dilation of blood vessels occurs more slowly so that body heat faster.

5. Joints and muscles
Fluids are needed by the body's muscles and joints when doing heavy physical activity. Fluid makes the energy metabolism in the muscle lasted more efficient so it does not get tired, and maintain joint lubrication and flexibility so as not vulnerable to inflammation.

6. Skin
When experiencing severe dehydration, the skin loses its elasticity so easily become wrinkled. In contrast to the dry skin due to the influence of soap or other chemicals, dry skin due to lack of drinking will be difficult to overcome if it causes wrinkles.

7. Kidney
Kidney function is to filter the blood and dispose of feces through the urine, while the body fluid to help dissolve dirt whit it to be more easily filtered. Dehydrated condition of the body can interfere with renal function, lead to urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

Neurosyphilis, Brain Damage Due to Syphilis

Neurosyphilis is an infection of the brain or spinal cord that occurs in people who have untreated syphilis but over the years.

Neurosyphilis is caused by Treponema pallidum, the bacterium that causes syphilis. Neurosyphilis usually occurs around 10-20 years after a person is first infected with syphilis. Not everyone who has syphilis will develop this complication.

There are five different forms of neurosyphilis:
1. Asymptomatic (most common form), meaning no symptoms. Considered asymptomatic if
- It has been recovered from the disease and no longer have symptoms
- Having a disease but have no symptoms.

2. General paresis, impaired mental function caused by brain damage. Occurs between 30-30 years after getting syphilis. Patients may experience changes in personality or mood.

3. Meningeal neurosyphilis. Occurred between the first few weeks until the first few years after suffering from syphilis. Sufferers experience headaches, stiff neck, nausea, and vomiting. Sometimes also experience loss of vision or hearing.

4. Meningovascular, causing the same symptoms as syphilis meningeal but affected individuals also had a stroke. This form of neurosyphilis can occur within the first few months to several years after infection.

5. Tabes dorsalis, complications of untreated syphilis that involves muscle weakness and abnormal sensations (numbness and tingling).Characterized by pain in the legs or abdomen, the failure of muscle coordination, and bladder disorders.

Other signs include loss of vision, loss of reflexes and loss of sense of vibration, poor gait and balance disorders. Tabes dorsalis can occur 5-50 years after initial syphilis infection.

Symptom :
1. Abnormal gait
2. Blindness
3. Confusion
4. Dementia
5. Depression
6. Headache
7. Inability to walk
8. Irritable
9. Numbness in toes, feet, or legs
10. Difficult concentration
11. Convulsions
12. Stiff neck
13. Vision Impaired
14. Feeling weak

Blood tests can be done to detect substances produced by bacteria that causes syphilis.

Penicillin used to treat neurosyphilis. Drugs can be administered in various ways.
1. Injected into a vein several times a day for 10-14 days.
2. Using probenecid (a medicine used to treat gout) by mouth 4 times a day, combined with muscle injections every day - good for 10-14 days.

Sources: Medline Plus

Dance for Parkinson's Patients

Patients with Parkinson’s have always had tremors (shaking) at any time in almost all parts of the body making it difficult to perform hand movements or running. Researchers found the Parkinson's tremor may be reduced if the patient is practicing dancing.

Scientists found dancing can help solve the problem of Parkinson's disease and had a great effect on the sufferer. Dancing can help develop the mindset of someone in solving problems including Parkinson's sufferers are often difficult to articulate thoughts.

"We watched people dance in the laboratory and then perform troubleshooting. Various types of dance to help them with various kinds of problem solving," said Dr. Peter Lovatt, head of the Psychology Lab at the University of Hertfordshire Dance as reported by the Guardian. Dr. Lovatt has been practicing ballet, tap, jazz, and worked as a professional dancer.

According to him, kind of dance improvisation helps to divergent thinking (broadly) so people are able to solve some of the answers. Meanwhile, while engaged in a dance that is very structured, it helps to think convergent (focused) and trying to find a single answer to the problem.

"We know that Parkinson's disease can cause divergent thinking processes. So we thought, if using an improvised dance of people with Parkinson's group, we may see an increase in the skill of thinking is different to them. And that's exactly what we are witnessing," he explained.

Dr. Lovatt admitted later he wanted to study whether the dance has an impact on neural processing for patients with Parkinson's. One possibility is that when dancing, individuals develop new neural pathways to overcome the blockage of dopamine (the hormone that makes fun).

Researchers reviewed several cases of self-esteem look of a ballet dancer in training. What they found was that girls ballet dancer in her mid-teens have a lower self-esteem than non-dancing girls.

There are two explanations for this. First, the girls of low self-selecting classical ballet as it seek to reinforce their low self-image. Second, ballet training can be very humbling self-esteem of a girl because they are constantly told that they did not do it properly and the problem of body shape is very important in classical ballet.

"We tried to test two hypotheses in the laboratory by comparing the data of 600 dancers in a different dance groups. So we're comparing the classical ballet dancer with classical Indian dancer. We also compare them with Burlesque dancers are very pleased to show more body contains. If found the case of girls of low self-selecting ballet, it is not much we can do about it. But if the classical ballet cause eating disorders and self-harm, then it's something very important we must be cautious, "said Dr. Lovatt.

Most Dangerous Things In Our Live

1. Used Beverage Bottle
Maybe some of us have the habit of using and reusing plastic bottles (Aqua, VIT, etc.) and put it in the car or at work. This habit is not good, because the materials are plastic bottles (also known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET) used in this bottles contain carcinogens (or DEHA). Bottles are safe for use 1-2 times only, if you want to wear it longer, not more than a week, and should be placed far away from the sun. Repeated washing habits can make a layer of broken plastic and carcinogen that can enter the water we drink. Better to buy a food grade bottles, do not use plastic bottles.

2. Shrimp and Vitamin C
Do not eat shrimp after you eat Vitamin C. Since this will lead to poisoning from toxic Arsenic (As) which is the reaction of the Shrimp and Vitamin C in the body and result in a fatal poisoning in a matter of hours.

3. Instant Noodles
For fans of instant noodles, make sure you have an interval of at least 3 (three) days after you eat instant noodles, if you are going to consume more, of medical information, it turns out there is a wax that coats the noodles. That is why the instant noodles do not stick to each other when cooked. Consumption of instant noodles every day will increase the likelihood that a person infected with the cancer. A person, being so busy in a career do not have time to cook, so he decided to eat instant noodles every day. Finally he had cancer. His doctor said that this is because the wax in instant noodles is. The doctor told us that the body takes more than 2 (two) days to clear the wax.

4. Danger Behind Food Packaging
Food packaging is part of the daily food we consume. For most people, food packaging and food wrap just tends to be regarded as a food 'protector'. Actually, not exactly, depending on the type of packaging materials. We recommend that you start now you carefully pick the food packaging. On food packaging has the function of health, preservation, convenience, uniformity, promotions, and information. There are so many materials used as primary packaging in the food, the packaging in direct contact with food. But not all of these ingredients are safe for foods that are packed. This is the highest ranking food packaging materials that you need to beware.

5. Paper
Some non-packaging paper and packaging (newsprint and magazines) are often used to wrap foods, containing detectable lead (Pb) exceed specified limits. Inside the human body, lead entering through the respiratory tract or with us. digestion into the circulatory system and then spread to various other tissues, such as: kidney, liver, brain, nerves and bones. Lead poisoning in adults is characterized by symptoms 3 P, namely pallor (pale), pain (pain) & paralysis (paralysis). Terjadipun poisoning can be chronic and acute. To avoid food contaminated heavy metals lead, it's easy bother. Many snack foods such as fried bananas, fried tofu and fried tempeh wrapped in newspaper because knowledge is less than the dealer, when the material is hot and greasy food timbale facilitate the migration of TSB. As prevention efforts, hawker food is put on the plate.

6. Styrofoam
Styrofoam or polystyrene packaging materials has become one of the most popular choice in the food business. However, recent research proves that the styrofoam questionable safety. Styrofoam is made from a copolymer styren food business has become the choice of being able to prevent leakage and retain its shape when held. In addition, the material is also able to retain heat and cold but still comfortably held, maintaining freshness and integrity of the materials are packed, low cost, more secure, and lightweight. In July 2001, the Food Safety Division of the Government of Japan revealed that residues in food is very harmful styrofoam. Residues that can cause endocrine disrupter (EDC), which is a disease caused by a disturbance in the system and reproductive endocrinology humans from chemical carcinogens in food.

Every Human Has 60 Gen that Mutated

Genes that have mutations (changes) in the human body usually triggers abnormalities in the form of the disease or incompleteness of organs. Researchers found the average man has 60 genes that mutated from the original source (parent).

Most genetic mutations that experienced by humans occur during the formation of sperm and egg cells from radiation, pollution and the use of drugs. Most others occur after birth, but the number was not how compared to gene mutations that occur in the process of reproduction.

Dr Matt Hurles of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge revealed that after 6000 unravel the genetic makeup of families consisting of a father, 1 mother and 1 child. The results showed, on average each child has 60 different genes from their parents.

This finding is surprising because during the time believed that the genetic mutation only occurs in 1 in 100 million arrangements Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) in 1 generation. Changes in the composition of DNA is also experienced almost everyone, so do not always triggered by nuclear radiation.

The study also broke the previous assumption, saying that more genetic mutations inherited from the father through the sperm. This assumption is based on the theory that sperm undergo a process of cell division is more complicated than the egg.

But according to Dr Hurles observation, the source of genetic mutations in the reproductive process varies greatly in each family. In one sample, 92 percent of the mutations of genes obtained from sperm cells, while the other sperm samples accounted for only 36 percent.

"Now we know that in some families, the majority of genetic mutations derived from the father while in other families, mostly from mothers," Dr Hurles said in a report in the journal Nature Genetics, as quoted from Dailymail.

Dr Hurles will expand this research to reveal how much influence the environment and the reproductive age of the gene mutation. The result is expected to be applied to genetic diseases such as sickle cell anemia month (sickle cell anemia), cystic fibrosis and so on.

Against Stress by Sports

Severe stress or depression due to several things it could disrupt the lives and activities. But this problem can be overcome or resisted by exercising regularly. 

One of the main benefits of exercise is the link between mind and body. If someone has anxiety and stress, the exercise can help to soothe and improve mood. 

When one starts to feel anxious or a little stress, try to start moving and doing some exercises to get the motivation and reduce stress. 

The study, reported in Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal in 2008 noted that the sport could be a potential tool to overcome the symptoms of anxiety. 

In the study participants who regularly exercise have a lower index of anxiety than people who never exercise. This suggests that exercise may be an appropriate treatment for anxiety and stress. 

The theory that there is exercise causes the body to react, including the brain. In response, the brain releases many hormones, including endorphins and neurotransmitters that affect mood, as quoted from mayoclinic. 

This chemical compound sufficient to reduce anxiety and depression with just one sport. And exercise can also increase body temperature that is associated with more positive mood. 

In addition, by exercising regularly can allow time for the body to do meditation and put negative thoughts into more positive perspective. 

To be able to obtain these benefits make exercise fun by doing sports are preferred. Sports that do not need heavy or too tight, but try doing a simple exercise every 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes.

Refresh the Brain with Easy Way

Saturated with the same activity every day can lead to boredom and lack of concentration. But at least there is an easy way to refresh the brain. Anything? 

After doing a lot of work in one day you're likely to experience stress and the mind becomes dull. In fact, the same mind dangers of fatigue with physical fatigue. 

There are some easy ways to refresh the brain. Following ways scientifically proven to effectively make the brain re-focus and concentrate to 25 minutes (for adults), as reported by Lifemojo: 

1. Music 
Soothing music is very beneficial for mental or mind. Clear your mind by just sitting and listening to music. Music will make you feel better. 

2. Sports 
Doing regular physical activity such as swimming every morning is a powerful way to make your mind calm. Physical activity can stimulate physical energy and clarity of thought in addition to all the health benefits. 

3. Laugh 
Laughter is the best medicine to ward off boredom. Sports, laughter and humor can release endorphins that improve mood and feeling happy. 

4. Socialization 
Humans by nature are social creatures. Interaction fellow humans seem to keep your mind fresh. Make contact with new people or calling a friend. 

5. Sleep 
A good sleep is the foundation for strong productivity. Minute nap can also be re-invigorating the mind and makes you feel better. 

6. Smelling the fresh aroma 
Smell the coffee, aromatherapy or other smells that fresh can easily restore the spirit and renew your mind. 

7. Bath 
Nice warm bath to help calm the mind and body muscles. Adding salt bath or a favorite fragrance into your bath will also make your bath more enjoyable activity. 

How to Cope Sensitive Stomach

Some people sometimes have a sensitive stomach, so not all that goes into the stomach can match. Then how do I fix this? 

Sometimes the stomach gives a negative signal in expressing sensitivity or sensitivity to something that enters the body. Sensitivity of the stomach can cause a person to feel bloated or it could be diarrhea. 

Even so there are some things you can do to fix this, as quoted from Lifemojo, namely: 

1. Identify triggers 
Better to know the type of food can trigger sensitivity of the stomach. Try to make notes about how the body tolerates the food. Some foods are known to be triggers such as dairy products, foods that are too cold and spices. 

In addition, grain or raw vegetables can also cause irritation of the lining is caused by the fiber, and vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and onions can cause gas in the stomach which can lead to stomach sensitivity. 

2. Always provide medication when traveling 
If you want to travel far and require to eat out, it always provide drugs to cope with sensitive stomach so you can avoid things that are not desirable. 

3. Inadequate sleep and reduce stress 
The second condition is a situation that could trigger a sensitive stomach. For that try to sleep at least 7 hours a day and learn the techniques reduce stress such as meditation, yoga or listening to certain music. 

4. Eat slowly 
Eat slowly and chew food well is very important for people with sensitive stomachs. This allows the saliva thoroughly mixed with food, so that helps the digestive process and breaks down food into smaller before entering the stomach. 

5. Keeping your body hydrated 
Make sure the body to consume 2-3 liters of water to reduce acidity in the stomach, because one of causes of a person often experience indigestion is due to lack of fluids.

Things That Can Makes Allergy Symptoms

Allergies that appears either in the form of sneezing or itching is definitely very disturbing activities. But there are some things that can unwittingly make a person's allergies are getting worse. 

Some of the tricks it can do to avoid allergy triggers, such as keeping the windows remained closed, keeping clean, or pay attention to the food consumed. 

But many people do not realize that certain things can sometimes worsen the condition of allergy, as quoted from ABCNews.go.com, namely: 

Job stress 
Researchers at Ohio State University of Medicine found people with allergies will have worse symptoms when he did tests that stimulate anxiety. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD, said stress hormones can stimulate the production of IgE (blood proteins that cause allergic reactions.) 

Consuming alcohol 
One reason for bacteria and yeast in the alcohol will produce histamine, the chemical that causes allergy symptoms like nasal congestion and itchy eyes. Richard F Lockey, MD, director of the division of allergy and immunology from the University of South Florida College of Medicine suggest to avoid alcohol consumption. 

Ornamental plants in the house can trigger sneezing 
Putting plants in the house can indeed refresh the eyes, but certain crops can spread the allergens into the air and make a person sneezing and trigger allergies. Plants such as ficus, varieties of orchids and ferns people considered most vulnerable to allergies. 

Friends who smoke 
Cigarettes contain many toxic chemicals that can irritate, and allergy sufferers are generally more sensitive than healthy people. Even though not having contact with people who smoke, smoke particles attached to the clothing can exacerbate allergic symptoms appear. 

No shower after traveling 
If the body vulnerable to dust, pollen or dirt from outside the immediate shower when I got home to avoid the entry of particles throughout the home. This is because the particles can be trapped in the body, hair, clothes and shoes.

Teen Immunizations Needs

Routine immunization schedules are usually known to be given to infants or toddlers. But it was not in infants, adolescents also require both routine immunization and immunization are given for special circumstances. Any immunizations? 

Here are 4 aliases immunization vaccines recommended by the Centers For Disease Control and Their Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for all adolescents, as reported by About.com: 

1. Tdap Vaccine 
Tdap is a vaccine for tetanus, diphtheria toxoids and acellular pertussis. In addition to the tetanus vaccine, this vaccine also protects against diphtheria and pertussis. This is due to pertussis (whooping cough) increased among adolescents. Tdap vaccine is recommended for adolescents ages 11 to 12 years. 

2. Meningococcal Vaccine 
Meningococcal vaccine is developed to protect adolescents against bacterial meningitis. Bacterial meningitis is a serious infection of the brain and spinal cord that kills about 10 to 15 percent of infected people, even with antibiotic treatment. The vaccine is also routinely given to adolescent’s ages 11 to 12 years. 

3. Vaccine Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 
HPV vaccine is indicated for all women from ages 9 to 26 years. This vaccine protects against HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts (genital skin). 

4. Influenza vaccine 
Flu vaccination is now recommended for all children from age 6 months to 18 years. In Indonesia, this vaccine is usually given at any time (do not rely season) that can be given routinely once a year. 

While the vaccine may be needed teen choice in accordance with chronic health problems or other factors, pediatricians will usually recommend the following vaccines: 

1. Hepatitis A vaccine 
The vaccine used to protect against hepatitis A. Two doses of vaccine given at least 6 months apart to provide protection against heart disease. Teens who live in areas with a large number of cases of hepatitis A should be vaccinated. In addition, teenagers who travel to certain countries also should get this vaccine. 

2. Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV23) 
Pneumococcal disease can cause pneumonia, meningitis or bacteremia. The vaccine is not routinely given to teenagers mostly. Teens who may need this vaccine is a teenager with certain chronic conditions, such as sickle red blood cell disease, diabetes, chronic heart disease or chronic lung disease.

Eating Carrots Make People More Attractive

Many eat carrots have been known to nourish the eye. Not only that, recent research shows that eating carrots can make the skin healthy and glowing, which makes people more interesting. 

Researchers at St Andrews and University of Bristol shows that women and men who diligently eating vegetables and fruits a strong color such as carrots and plump, can have a luminous yellow skin that are considered very attractive and healthy. 

Vegetables and fruits which typically contain strong colored pigments called carotenoids. This substance is found in fruits and certain vegetables play an important role in giving the skin a glow. 
"The relationship between carotenoid yellow skin glowing and open new strategies to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables," says Ian Stephen, one of the scientists involved in the project, as reported by AFP. 

Stephen said it took two months regularly eat carrots to be able to see tangible results on the skin. 

"Telling people to eat vegetables and fruit with a reason for not having a heart attack at age 40 years may seem harder than to say that vegetables and fruits can make a person more attractive in recent months," continued Stephen. 

The results of this study will be published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior March 2011 edition of the magazine The Grocer. 

Daucus carota carrot or vegetable plants are grown throughout the year. In addition to eye and skin health, vegetables that contain lots of beta-carotene, vitamin A, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus and iron can also serve to lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and clean pinworms.

Most Important Nutrition For Children

In the process of growth and development, children need certain nutrients to help him. Find out what are the essential nutrients needed by the little guy. 

Any nutrients that enter the body have its own function, so each child needs a variety of foods to satisfy every whim. Here are the nutrients it needs little in the process of growth and development, as quoted from BabyCenter, namely: 

Essential fatty acids (essential fatty acids / EFAS) 
Nutrition is useful to build the cell, regulate the nervous system, strengthens the cardiovascular system, boost the immune system, is required for brain and eye function and help the body absorb energy. Intake for children aged 1-3 years of 0.7 grams per day for omega 3 and omega 6 to 7 grams, while the age of 4-8 years of 0.9 grams per day for omega 3 and 10 grams for omega 6. 

Nutrition is working to keep the bones stay strong, steady heart rhythm, muscle and nerve function and supports the immune system. Intake for children aged 1-3 years was 80 mg per day and children aged 4-8 years as much as 130 mg per day. Its source avocado, banana, raisins, brown rice. 

Nutrition is useful for building strong bones and teeth, nerve and muscle function promotes a healthy, help the process of blood clotting and helps convert food into energy. Intake for children aged 1-3 years is 500 mg per day and age of 4-8 years as much as 800 mg per day. Its source of tofu, tofu, yogurt, milk, cheese. 

Potassium (potassium) 
These nutrients work together with sodium to control the fluid balance in the body, keeping blood pressure, muscle function and reduce the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis. Intake for children aged 1-3 years as many as 3,000 mg per day and for children aged 4-8 years as many as 3800 mg per day. The source of the potato, tomato juice, sunflower seeds, spinach, almonds, watermelons. 

Nutrition is important in making hemoglobin (the red pigment in blood oxygen carrier) and myoglobin (oxygen storage pigment in muscles). Intake for children aged 1-3 years at 7 mg per day and children aged 4-8 years at 10 mg per day. The source of the spinach, beans, oatmeal. 

Zing (zinc) 
These nutrients are needed by more than 70 enzymes that help digestion, metabolism and is essential for growth. Intake for children aged 1-3 years as many as 3 mg per day and children aged 4-8 years as many as 5 mg per day. Its source skinless chicken breasts, fruit yogurt, tofu, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. 

Vitamin A 
This vitamin plays an important role in vision and bone growth, protecting the body from infection, increasing the growth of cells and tissues. Intake for children aged 1-3 years as many as 1,000 IU (300 micrograms RAE / retinol activity equivalents) per day and for children aged 4-8 years as many as 1320 IU (400 micrograms RAE). Its source of carrot juice, sweet potatoes, broccoli, raw spinach, papaya. 

Vitamin C 
This vitamin helps to improve and shape of red blood cells, bone and tissue, keeping the child's gums and strengthen blood vessels, and helps the body absorb iron. Intake for children aged 1-3 years as much as 15 mg per day and for children aged 4-8 years by 25 mg per day. Its source of red guava, kiwi, mango, strawberries, potatoes with skin. 

Vitamin D 
This vitamin helps the body absorb minerals like calcium and build strong teeth and bones, play a role in cell regulation and insulin production. Intake for vitamin D is not looking at age, the average requirement of vitamin D for children as much as 400 IU (10 micrograms) per day. The source is egg yolk, salmon, mackerel. 

Vitamin E 
This vitamin is limiting production of free radicals that can damage cells, DNA repair and other metabolic processes. Intake for children aged 1-3 years as many as 6 milligrams per day and children aged 4-8 years was 7 mg per day. The source is corn oil, soybean oil, mango, and kiwi. 

Fight The Bad Smell of Mouth with This Food

Unpleasant breath odor can be triggered by various factors, one of them from food. Food can not only cause bad breath, but also can help eliminate the odor. What foods can combat bad breath? 

Bad breath or halitosis is caused by various reasons such as eating certain foods, smoking, gum disease, dry mouth and oral bacteria. In addition to brushing teeth and visiting your dentist regularly, there are foods you can eat to combat bad breath. 

Here are some foods deodorizing the mouth, as reported by the LIVESTRONG: 

1. Apple 
Apples are one of the best foods that can combat bad breath. Hard apple texture helps remove plaque on the teeth. Because dry mouth causes bad breath, the water of the apple also help combat this problem. Apple can provide moisture needs mouth to remove bacteria. 

2. Parsley 
Seasonings and spices can also be an alternative to eliminate bad breath. Parsley is great herbs that not only get rid of bad breath, but also make it smell better. Pettersely has been used for centuries primarily because they contain chlorophyll, which is acting as a breath freshener. 

3. Yogurt 
Certain dairy products can provide help to eliminate bad breath. Daily consumption of yogurt can dramatically prevent and reduce halitosis. 

In a study submitted to the International Association for Dental Research, Dr. Kenichi Hojo and his team of Japanese researchers found that sugarless yogurt reduces foul smelling compounds that cause bad breath. 

4. Strawberries 
Strawberries are another fruit that can be a solution to bad breath. Strawberries are not only preventing dry mouth, but also contain large amounts of vitamin C. Environments high in vitamin C make it very difficult for bacteria and germs to breed. 

Eating strawberries and other foods rich in vitamin C greatly reduces bad breath. In addition, 2,000 to 6,000 mg of vitamin C taken daily helps heal mouth and gum disease.

Diet Mistakes that Must be Avoided When Vacation

Many people who have failed diet during the holidays because of the temptation to eat from the outside. At least avoid the dieting mistakes that often occur during the holidays. Anything?

Vacation can be a challenge for people who are running the program on a diet. But there are some that can be done so you do not fail the diet during the holidays.

Here are some diet mistakes to be avoided during the holidays, as reported by Lifemojo:

Mistake 1: Too refrain
When a holiday is a time that is difficult to avoid temptation, especially related to food. Too resist will only torture you. A better approach is to eat foods that you like small portions.

Mistake 2: Drinking excessive alcohol
People who drink alcohol before a meal, tend to overeat because alcohol can increase appetite. So even though the holidays, you should limit or not at all to drink alcohol.

Mistake 3: Emotional Eating
When a holiday not a few people who think the diet is also a holiday, so that eating becomes an emotional and crazy. Avoid eating this way if you do not want excessive weight gain after the holidays.

Mistake 4: Skipping breakfast
People who skip breakfast are more likely to snack throughout the day and increase your calorie intake than those who eat breakfast. Although the idea of no breakfast can be very attractive when someone is trying to lose weight, but it did not work. Do not miss breakfast, because eating anything after waking up can increase metabolism by 10 percent.

Mistake 5: Drink plenty of high-calorie sweet drinks
Sweet drinks such as soft drinks, bottled juices, and sweet tea can actually contribute to weight gain. Try to multiply the drinking water and reduce drinking sugary drinks, even during the holidays.

Next Big Breasts Cause

Breast form that is not the same (asymmetric) between right and left can make women ashamed and frustrated. Actually, what are the causes This asymmetrical breast size?

Asymmetrical breast size which is experienced by nearly 50 percent of women, however some are not very significant difference so it looks like normal.

As quoted from WomensHealth, most doctors consider this difference in breast size due to genetic factors. This is because breast growth is stimulated by the influence of estrogen on the young.

Initially starting with breast budding and about two years after the first period menstrausi breast continued to grow around 2-4 years older. It was then that the possibility of differences in size. Once a person aged 21 years, the growth of breasts will stop and will change when someone is pregnant or menopausal.

In addition to genetic factors there are other things that can cause differences in breast size are:

1. Drugs consumed
Hormone-based drugs such as contraceptives can cause breast tissue to grow but not always in both breasts.

Body and breast tissue will respond to an increasing number of hormones with enlarged lymph tissue and sometimes cause temporary growth. This condition is usually not permanent, but if the asymmetry persists even though the drug was discontinued should consult a doctor.

2. Pregnancy and menopause
Both processes may cause fluctuations in hormone levels are quite extreme and sometimes cause changes in body and breast.

When pregnant body preparing for breastfeeding with elevated levels of progesterone which causes the rapid growth of the system of milk ducts, glands and breast tissue. But sometimes do not occur in both breasts.
During the menopausal decline in estrogen that causes weakness in the breast tissue and lose elasticity.

Without leastisitas, breasts start changing shape that may cause differences in size.
Most of the difference in breast size usually does not require surgery peroses. But if one breast was visible far greater than any other size or seen the difference, it becomes possible to consider plastic surgery by the doctor.

Most surgeons choose to not perform plastic surgery on women who are under 18 years old, because at the time breasts are still growing.

Except if someone is having a large breast enlargement called virginal hypertrophy, which has a larger breast size from cup size D in adolescence. Surgery may be done at a much younger age, although other breast has not completed its growth.

Surgery for breast asymmetry may involve the process of enlargement of one breast or both, reducing the size of one or both breasts, or enlargement of one breast and other breast size reduction. About 90 percent of breast asymmetry surgery repair is successful.

Six Facts About Breast

One of the charms and beauty of the most attractive woman is breast. However, there are some unique things about the breast that may not know. Here are some facts about women's assets:

1. Breast implants save lives.
One woman survived the car crash due to silicone breast pads that function like airbags in 2006. Women from the city of Ruse, Bulgaria has experienced an accident that caused her car badly damaged. Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured because of protection from concussion thanks to her breast implants.

2. Women who have more than two breasts.
Medical records to prove, there are women who have breast more than two or called 'polymastia'. Polymastia Patients could have had breast at the front of a different body, not just in the chest.

3. Breast size bigger.
Study in the UK find the British women's breast size increased an average of two sizes, due to plastic surgery. Meanwhile, according to the survey, worldwide average breast size during the last 10-15 years rose only one size.

Plastic surgery can lead to greater women's breast size. However, the effect of diet and unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise, also pointed out as the cause of the increasing number of fat deposits, including the breast.

4. Breast save this woman from jail.
Serena Kozakura accused of vandalism at the apartment of a man charged with a prison sentence. However, as long as the hearing she was able to prove that the hole in the door is too small for large breasts traversed. So, she was declared not guilty and imprisoned.

5. Breast Enlargement with cell phone ring tones.
Most East Asian women have small breasts. For those who do not want to make invasive changes to enlarge the breasts, Dr. Hideto Tomabechi have a solution. In 2008, he released a ringtone called "Rock Melon". Ring tones is claimed to be able to enlarge the breast size.

What influence? Ring tones affect the brain such as brain instinctively women who are nursing mothers. Listen to the ringtone as much as 20 times per day will increase the size of breasts a few inches.

6. In Vietnam, small breasts are prohibited from driving.
The Vietnamese government plans to impose a policy of never considering the unique problems of breast. In 2008, the local government intends to prohibit people who have breast less than 28 inch for my motorhome.
Policy made on the recommendation of the local Health Department to protect safety while driving. However, this policy finally got a strong protest and canceled implemented.

The Right Way to Make Clean Teeth

Brushing teeth is not just a toothbrush rubbed around the mouth and then finished in a flash. Scientists say that the whole process of brushing teeth at least last for two minutes. 

Brushing teeth is not only cleanliness but also ensure good oral health. Irregular or improper brushing the teeth will cause bad breath, cavities and periodontal disease (gum disease). 

The correct way of brushing teeth, as reported by Lifemojo: 
  1. Clean the outer surface of the upper teeth and lower teeth 
  2. Clean the inner surface of the upper teeth and lower teeth 
  3. Clean the surface of the teeth used for chewing 
  4. For fresh breath, be sure to brush your tongue too. 
  5. Tilt the brush at an angle of 45 degrees against the gum line and then broom (rubbed)
  6. Brush teeth at least twice a day, after waking and before bed. Try also brush your teeth after eating. 

Apart from the correct way of brushing teeth, toothbrush election will also determine dental hygiene, among other things: 
  1. A toothbrush should have soft bristles more 
  2. A toothbrush should fit the size of the mouth 
  3. Choose a toothbrush that is easy to use for you, do not choose a complicated shape and not in accordance with the conditions of the mouth of each. 
  4. Replace toothbrush at least every three months to maintain good oral hygiene. 

Brushing teeth is a basic activity that must be done every day and it is very important. Proper brushing will not only determine the oral health but also affect overall body health. 

Repel Mosquitoes with Vitamins

Although only a small insect, a disease caused by mosquito bites such as dengue and malaria are killing a lot of lives around the world. Some vitamins can help you far away from mosquito bites.

People prone to mosquito bites during the morning or dawn (at sunrise) and evening (at sunset) because winged insects that are most often looking for food at times.

To help combat the mosquito bites, there are several nutrients that can be incorporated into the daily diet to be efficient in preventing mosquito bites.

Some vitamins that can keep you from mosquito bites as reported by LIVESTRONG are:

Vitamin B-1
Vitamin B-1, also called thiamine, can be used to help prevent mosquito bites by acting as a repellent. After taking thiamine, the skin will remove the odor does not like mosquitoes.

Pyllis A. Balch in his book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, recommends eating about 75-150 mg of vitamin B-1 every day to prevent mosquito bites. Vitamin B-1 can be found in foods such as rice, wheat and sugar cane syrup (molasses).

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Vitamin C can help reduce inflammation (inflammation) and pain from insect bites, and to prevent mosquito bites.

University of Maryland Medical Center say that vitamin C is also important for wound healing in the skin, including mosquito bite wounds. Fruits rich in vitamin C is kiwi, cooked vegetables, blueberries, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes and cranberries.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin. Vitamin E helps to block damage from free radicals, which can accelerate aging and cause wrinkles. Vitamin E also helps to make red blood cells and enhance the development of new skin cells by improving blood circulation.

Home Remedy Reference Center said that vitamin E has been proven as one of the best treatment to avoid insect bites. Vitamin E, which can help reduce swelling from mosquito bites can be found in corn and sunflower seeds.

7 Tips to Look Younger

To look younger, you don’t have to need expensive products, just learned the 7 tips below.

There is no woman who feels happy when considered older than actual age. However, why someone else could get wrong guess your age? It is actually because your own appearance. If a woman is not good enough at dressing herself, then she would give the wrong impression. Valentine day soon, you can reap the praise “Oh…you really look youthful”, by following few practical tips.

Use lipstick with bright color.
Selection of the lipstick color can make a face looked younger. You should know that if you are getting older, your lips will be thinner too. So daub dark color lipstick will not attract the attention of anyone. However, choosing a light color lipstick should not be carelessly. Avoid from orange and peach lipstick, both can make teeth appear yellow.

Eye Pencil.
If you want to show off the charm of the eye, then you do not need to daub excessive eye shadow, just play it an eye pencil. In addition to work better than liquid liner, eye pencil can give the impression of larger eyes.

Olive Oil.
Pure olive oil contains a fatty acid, a type of material contained in human skin. This makes olive oil as skin moisturizer most natural and best. For dry and sensitive skin, apply at night. And, welcome young skin the next day.

Big Eyeglasses.
The size of eyeglasses also affects one’s appearance, and can make an impact younger. In addition, the large size of the glass is able to protect the area around the eyes from radiation of sunlight. Two advantages as well … yes!

Remove make up before go to bed.
This one is of course you already know. The residual of makeup can close the pores of the skin and this is bad for the health condition of the skin itself.

Store cosmetics product in refrigerator.
After opening the packaging of cosmetic products, it’s good to put them in the refrigerator. If the product in cold conditions, you will get the additional benefit of toning

Hair Style.
This is the right time to do it. Trim your hair and try another hair style trend.

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