Most Dangerous Things In Our Live

1. Used Beverage Bottle
Maybe some of us have the habit of using and reusing plastic bottles (Aqua, VIT, etc.) and put it in the car or at work. This habit is not good, because the materials are plastic bottles (also known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET) used in this bottles contain carcinogens (or DEHA). Bottles are safe for use 1-2 times only, if you want to wear it longer, not more than a week, and should be placed far away from the sun. Repeated washing habits can make a layer of broken plastic and carcinogen that can enter the water we drink. Better to buy a food grade bottles, do not use plastic bottles.

2. Shrimp and Vitamin C
Do not eat shrimp after you eat Vitamin C. Since this will lead to poisoning from toxic Arsenic (As) which is the reaction of the Shrimp and Vitamin C in the body and result in a fatal poisoning in a matter of hours.

3. Instant Noodles
For fans of instant noodles, make sure you have an interval of at least 3 (three) days after you eat instant noodles, if you are going to consume more, of medical information, it turns out there is a wax that coats the noodles. That is why the instant noodles do not stick to each other when cooked. Consumption of instant noodles every day will increase the likelihood that a person infected with the cancer. A person, being so busy in a career do not have time to cook, so he decided to eat instant noodles every day. Finally he had cancer. His doctor said that this is because the wax in instant noodles is. The doctor told us that the body takes more than 2 (two) days to clear the wax.

4. Danger Behind Food Packaging
Food packaging is part of the daily food we consume. For most people, food packaging and food wrap just tends to be regarded as a food 'protector'. Actually, not exactly, depending on the type of packaging materials. We recommend that you start now you carefully pick the food packaging. On food packaging has the function of health, preservation, convenience, uniformity, promotions, and information. There are so many materials used as primary packaging in the food, the packaging in direct contact with food. But not all of these ingredients are safe for foods that are packed. This is the highest ranking food packaging materials that you need to beware.

5. Paper
Some non-packaging paper and packaging (newsprint and magazines) are often used to wrap foods, containing detectable lead (Pb) exceed specified limits. Inside the human body, lead entering through the respiratory tract or with us. digestion into the circulatory system and then spread to various other tissues, such as: kidney, liver, brain, nerves and bones. Lead poisoning in adults is characterized by symptoms 3 P, namely pallor (pale), pain (pain) & paralysis (paralysis). Terjadipun poisoning can be chronic and acute. To avoid food contaminated heavy metals lead, it's easy bother. Many snack foods such as fried bananas, fried tofu and fried tempeh wrapped in newspaper because knowledge is less than the dealer, when the material is hot and greasy food timbale facilitate the migration of TSB. As prevention efforts, hawker food is put on the plate.

6. Styrofoam
Styrofoam or polystyrene packaging materials has become one of the most popular choice in the food business. However, recent research proves that the styrofoam questionable safety. Styrofoam is made from a copolymer styren food business has become the choice of being able to prevent leakage and retain its shape when held. In addition, the material is also able to retain heat and cold but still comfortably held, maintaining freshness and integrity of the materials are packed, low cost, more secure, and lightweight. In July 2001, the Food Safety Division of the Government of Japan revealed that residues in food is very harmful styrofoam. Residues that can cause endocrine disrupter (EDC), which is a disease caused by a disturbance in the system and reproductive endocrinology humans from chemical carcinogens in food.


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