Room Organizing Tips

1. View Space Needs
Home as where you live and take refuge in it, regardless you buy from residential developers or you wake up alone, should be arranged to suit your needs. Suppose you were a young family with 2 small children. Here the space you need to prepare or you have is your bedroom and children's bedroom, because this is the most important. If your child has same gender, can be placed in one bedroom. If your child is male and female should have started to think about the separation of space for the future. So here to see the need for space, you should already begin to make a calculation of the number of family members, gender, activities that are most often done in the house and requires its own space, is also the possibility to add more space later on. Identification of space requirements will guide us wisely manage land use in your future.

2. Composing Room Organization
Before we further discuss the contents of the arrangement of space in a dwelling house, let us first check how the organization of space in your house. An easy way to make the organizational structure in it is just like an organ in your body in it. The trick is to examine the contents of your living room in the house simply by dividing the nature of the activities that occur in it. Generally we divide into private areas (bedrooms, study room, prayer room), social areas (kitchen, family room), public areas (foyer, living room), entertainment area (e.g. karaoke room), service area (drying, garage cars, warehouses, maid), and green area (park opened outside, park in the house - patio). So after finding out your needs before, you can begin preparing the organization of space in your house. When calculating your needs do not allow you to have a karaoke room, then you could be taking it off the list of organizations your space. Composition of commonly encountered in a dwelling house is a green area, public, private, and service. Once again consider your needs first, first began to draw its spatial organization. Make a priority so we are more easily arrange space in it.

3. Function of Room
Bedrooms certainly functions to rest. With this understanding then of course we will not recklessly place objects that have nothing to do with activities in it. This means that if we do not need a display rack in it, then you do not need to add it. Departing from here, then you can begin to organize other appropriate components to suit your needs. Keep in mind the uniqueness of your room is not determined by the architect or interior of any books. You can choose to experiment or survive according to what you need. So see what function of room that you specify from the organization room in your house before. Kitchen space, of course, its function for cooking, storing, and preparing the things about cooking. He therefore requires the availability of clean water path, the path of exhaust fan / cooker hood, racks for plates, and table preparation. When room is limited, often too close together or dining table together with the position of kitchen room. Maximize your room function in your living needs, and make sure the furniture you purchase is necessary. Selection of color, type, or just a dramatic play of light is not essential for the function of room on the inside.

4. You Are A King in Your Home

Yaap, you’re the authorities in your home. So to understand the essence of the above is expected to brief you understand the essence of managing room in your own home. Not to mention the components, such as light, air circulation, and waterways are important to consider in a settlement house and room inside. Houses are not enjoyed by considering the form of outside / visible face alone, he enjoyed when we are comfortable living in it. By understanding the meaning of the composition room in a home stay, you're more likely to decide the color, used furniture, or whatever you want to add on room in your home. This does not mean you are forbidden to imitate existing designs in various guide books are sold. Just need to distinguish between your house or art gallery showroom. So really adjust again, what do you need to remember things that have been alluded to above. Feel free to fill your room with furniture pricing Mangga Dua, if it works well, and indeed appropriate. If these simple steps to understand, so even if you do not make or buy expensive furniture, you can still get a good room setup. You're the architect or interior designer for your home. Architects are here to help, not a determinant. But instead you also have to learn to listen to insightful knowledge provided when you request services.

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