Water Giving Different Benefits in Every Body Part

Lack of body fluids will make the hard concentration and feel tired. Not only to maintain brain function and muscle, water in the body has a variety of benefits in any organ that must be maintained to avoid dehydration.

Dehydration or lack of fluids occurs when the body loses fluids in significant amounts. In addition to passing the sweat, body fluids are also issued in the form of urine and water vapor released from the surface of the skin and as she spoke.

Functions of water in several organs, as quoted from Huffingtonpost, is as follows.

1. Brain
Adequate water levels in the body to make memories sharper, more stable mood and spirit is maintained. Conversely when not drinking, reduced oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system in the brain shrinkage is temporary.

2. Lip
Many drinks will make the moisture lips and throat so it does not, so it does not feel dry. Throat dry and chapped lips caused by lack of water can sometimes also cause bad breath unpleasant and even trigger cavities.

3. Heart
When the body is dehydrated, blood volume is reduced so that the heart must work harder to pump around the body. If not offset by drinking a lot, muscle cells would be starved of oxygen so more quickly feel tired during the move.

4. Vein
When the temperature inside the body heats up, the blood vessels to widen so that blood can pass the heat release into the environment. When the body is dehydrated, dilation of blood vessels occurs more slowly so that body heat faster.

5. Joints and muscles
Fluids are needed by the body's muscles and joints when doing heavy physical activity. Fluid makes the energy metabolism in the muscle lasted more efficient so it does not get tired, and maintain joint lubrication and flexibility so as not vulnerable to inflammation.

6. Skin
When experiencing severe dehydration, the skin loses its elasticity so easily become wrinkled. In contrast to the dry skin due to the influence of soap or other chemicals, dry skin due to lack of drinking will be difficult to overcome if it causes wrinkles.

7. Kidney
Kidney function is to filter the blood and dispose of feces through the urine, while the body fluid to help dissolve dirt whit it to be more easily filtered. Dehydrated condition of the body can interfere with renal function, lead to urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

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