23 Tips for Keeping the House Cool

Puzzling out how to keep your house as cool as possible during these hot summer months? Trying to remember the conventional wisdom but not quite sure how it goes? Those window fans, for example, should they be placed to draw air in or out? Upwind or downwind of the dwelling? And what about windows, shades, and awnings? Are windows on the North side of the house better left closed or open during the day? Are awnings better than shades?

Find out the answers to these questions and more, right here:

The recent heat spell on the East Coast dredged these questions up for me, and I am sure these questions are seasonal for many of us. Efficient cooling saves money, energy, and the quality of our lives.

9 Smart Tips For Body Beauty

Women attention in the beauty of the face and body to become the most important. But many women who spend a lot of money just to treat facial and body beauty.

Actually to be beautiful do not have to spend a lot of money. In some ways, as quoted from Sheknows, you can save money to be perfect.

1. Hair Coloring Hair Coloring itself is the appropriate solution to reduce your costs. The result of your own coloring will not be much different than the results of staining famous stylist in the salon if you know the right way.

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