9 Smart Tips For Body Beauty

Women attention in the beauty of the face and body to become the most important. But many women who spend a lot of money just to treat facial and body beauty.

Actually to be beautiful do not have to spend a lot of money. In some ways, as quoted from Sheknows, you can save money to be perfect.

1. Hair Coloring Hair Coloring itself is the appropriate solution to reduce your costs. The result of your own coloring will not be much different than the results of staining famous stylist in the salon if you know the right way.

2. Determine the time to make changes to the haircut The shorter haircut, then you probably will spend two times a year to make the next cut in the salon. But if you have long hair, then decide to come to the salon, 2-3 months.

3. Do trim the hair
If you occasionally are doing maintenance at the salon, a time to do trim the hair to get rid of damaged hair and chapped. If your hair healthy and beautiful so you would care would not be difficult and can be done alone

4. Enrolled in beauty school
Although you often perform maintenance on the face and body without learning, but you should develop it in beauty school. Removing the one-time fee to finance your study at the school carry, far more efficient than you have to go to the salon every time. After school program is finished you can color your hair, hair cut and manicure / pedicure at home.

5. Buying beauty products with a large size
If you already have matches with a certain beauty product packaging should buy these products in large sizes. Besides getting more content, you also get it with a cheaper price.

6. Looking for an alternative place to buy beauty products
Try to buy beauty products in department stores, supermarkets and Drugstore. Usually the price of certain products under the brand you can find cheaper than buy it at specialty stores beauty products.

7. Buy discounted products and try a product sample
If you see the beauty products on sale, then buy! Discount beauty products usually only applies if a particular season. You can also try product samples that are usually given for free.

8. Maintaining healthy feet
Besides pedicure, you can treat foot health with daily activities. Try to walk at least 1000 steps a day, using proper footwear and do massage on your feet. If your feet smell, best to take care with using powder or gel anti-odor foot before use footwear.

9. Maximizing the use of perfume
Do not use excessive perfume, because it can make people who kiss became dizzy. Spray perfume on the body proper. Using perfume in the inner wrist, inner elbow, behind the ears, chest and neck will help the fragrance of perfumes last longer.


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