10 Tricks Sharpen Memory

Memory is identical to the age factor. The more advanced age, his memory decline. However, many ways can be done to maximize the ability of our memory.

1. Brain Gymnastics Such brain muscle that needs to be practiced regularly. How, for challenge or guess for you that can sharpen memory. For example, mention the title of old songs, considering the poem as a child, or call the 10 items in the refrigerator.

2. Food Not only fish oil that can sharpen your memory, but also of red and purple foods like blueberries, fruit bits, and onion. Folic acid rich foods like broccoli, bananas, and legumes are also useful to maintain brain health.

3. Drinking Water The evidence suggests that whole organ function would work quite well when he received adequate water intake. No exception of brain function. Get used to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

4. Enough Sleep Sleep is needed for the body's cells to rest and regenerate. Including brain cells. Therefore, try to get the cooperation of physical and mental well in order to create healthy and good quality sleep.

5. Relaxed Pressure or stress makes the brain work to weaken and difficulty concentrating. In such a case, take a rest while doing relaxing activities like reading books, playing games online to restore the brain works.

6. Brain teasers Habits do crossword puzzles available in newspapers or playing sudoku on a cell phone a positive benefit to improving one's memory.

7. Thinking Given the one thing that does not turn up in the head must be annoying. When experience, do not panic. Settle down for a moment, thinking about lighter things like the type of fruit, types of water sports, or the names of friends. These activities have helped someone more quickly remember important things he had forgotten.

8. An excursion to the Past Looking back on the things of the past are not directly train the long-term memory. When returning home for example, try to bring back childhood memories.

9. Thinking Through Pictures This method can be practiced when preparing a shopping list. Write down the items to be purchased while imagining myself walking down the supermarket aisles and find the desired product.

10. Sports Physical exercise that stimulates blood circulation improvement, such as jogging, and aerobics. Smooth blood circulation will increase the production of oxygen to the brain which is very useful to sharpen thinking skills.

5 Health Benefits of Reading Books

Most people are so busy with life so that not enough time to read books, people prefer to watch movies, television or playing computer games. And reading is not only enriching but also useful insights for health.

Diligent reading can make people rich in insight and information. Also, read to the brain and beneficial to health.

At least there are 5 benefits of reading for health, namely:

1. Train the brain
One advantage of reading the book is an exercise brain and mind. Reading can help keep the brain in order to always perform its functions perfectly. While reading, the brain is required fatherly think more so it can make people more intelligent. But to this brain exercise, read the book should be done routinely.

2. Relieve stress
Stress is a risk factor of several dangerous diseases. The beauty of language in writing to have the ability to calm and reduce stress, especially reading fiction before bed. This method is considered standard to cope with stress.

3. Distancing risk of Alzheimer's disease
Reading really can immediately increase the power of brain tissue. When reading, the brain will be stimulated and the stimulation (stimulation) regularly can help prevent brain disorders including Alzheimer's disease.

Research has shown that brain exercises such as reading books or magazines, playing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, etc. Can delay or prevent memory loss. According to the researchers, these activities stimulate the brain cells to connect and grow.

4. Develop healthy sleeping patterns
If you're used to reading books before bed, then it acts as an alarm for the body and sends the signal that it is time to sleep. This will help you get to sleep soundly and wake refreshed in the morning.

5. Increasing concentrations
People love to read will have a brain that is more concentration and focus. Because of this focus, the reader will have the ability to have full attention and practical in life. It also develops skills of objectivity and decision-making.

So do not just spend hours watching television or playing computer games, but also take time to read books. Good habits that will not only refresh the mind but also provides benefits for health and life.

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