7 Tips to Look Younger

To look younger, you don’t have to need expensive products, just learned the 7 tips below.

There is no woman who feels happy when considered older than actual age. However, why someone else could get wrong guess your age? It is actually because your own appearance. If a woman is not good enough at dressing herself, then she would give the wrong impression. Valentine day soon, you can reap the praise “Oh…you really look youthful”, by following few practical tips.

Use lipstick with bright color.
Selection of the lipstick color can make a face looked younger. You should know that if you are getting older, your lips will be thinner too. So daub dark color lipstick will not attract the attention of anyone. However, choosing a light color lipstick should not be carelessly. Avoid from orange and peach lipstick, both can make teeth appear yellow.

Eye Pencil.
If you want to show off the charm of the eye, then you do not need to daub excessive eye shadow, just play it an eye pencil. In addition to work better than liquid liner, eye pencil can give the impression of larger eyes.

Olive Oil.
Pure olive oil contains a fatty acid, a type of material contained in human skin. This makes olive oil as skin moisturizer most natural and best. For dry and sensitive skin, apply at night. And, welcome young skin the next day.

Big Eyeglasses.
The size of eyeglasses also affects one’s appearance, and can make an impact younger. In addition, the large size of the glass is able to protect the area around the eyes from radiation of sunlight. Two advantages as well … yes!

Remove make up before go to bed.
This one is of course you already know. The residual of makeup can close the pores of the skin and this is bad for the health condition of the skin itself.

Store cosmetics product in refrigerator.
After opening the packaging of cosmetic products, it’s good to put them in the refrigerator. If the product in cold conditions, you will get the additional benefit of toning

Hair Style.
This is the right time to do it. Trim your hair and try another hair style trend.


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