Six Facts About Breast

One of the charms and beauty of the most attractive woman is breast. However, there are some unique things about the breast that may not know. Here are some facts about women's assets:

1. Breast implants save lives.
One woman survived the car crash due to silicone breast pads that function like airbags in 2006. Women from the city of Ruse, Bulgaria has experienced an accident that caused her car badly damaged. Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured because of protection from concussion thanks to her breast implants.

2. Women who have more than two breasts.
Medical records to prove, there are women who have breast more than two or called 'polymastia'. Polymastia Patients could have had breast at the front of a different body, not just in the chest.

3. Breast size bigger.
Study in the UK find the British women's breast size increased an average of two sizes, due to plastic surgery. Meanwhile, according to the survey, worldwide average breast size during the last 10-15 years rose only one size.

Plastic surgery can lead to greater women's breast size. However, the effect of diet and unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise, also pointed out as the cause of the increasing number of fat deposits, including the breast.

4. Breast save this woman from jail.
Serena Kozakura accused of vandalism at the apartment of a man charged with a prison sentence. However, as long as the hearing she was able to prove that the hole in the door is too small for large breasts traversed. So, she was declared not guilty and imprisoned.

5. Breast Enlargement with cell phone ring tones.
Most East Asian women have small breasts. For those who do not want to make invasive changes to enlarge the breasts, Dr. Hideto Tomabechi have a solution. In 2008, he released a ringtone called "Rock Melon". Ring tones is claimed to be able to enlarge the breast size.

What influence? Ring tones affect the brain such as brain instinctively women who are nursing mothers. Listen to the ringtone as much as 20 times per day will increase the size of breasts a few inches.

6. In Vietnam, small breasts are prohibited from driving.
The Vietnamese government plans to impose a policy of never considering the unique problems of breast. In 2008, the local government intends to prohibit people who have breast less than 28 inch for my motorhome.
Policy made on the recommendation of the local Health Department to protect safety while driving. However, this policy finally got a strong protest and canceled implemented.


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