Reason Reluctant Dieter

Not easy to do a diet to lose weight. Some people sometimes have specific reasons to avoid it. What is it?

Most people would think several times before finally deciding to diet. When thinking that sometimes arise for reasons he did not have to go on a diet.

Here are some common reasons put forward a person to avoid having to diet, as quoted from Lifemojo, namely:

1. 'Tomorrow I will start a diet'
Most people procrastinate on a diet by saying tomorrow. And if he was serious about dieting, she would immediately begin that same day without exception.

2. 'I really liked the food'
Everyone will love to eat, so it is not the right reasons. Someone who dieter can still enjoy the food, but the amount that must be considered so as not to overdo it.

3. 'Healthy food is expensive'
The reason this is not true, because one does not need to choose an expensive diet food. The thing to do is eat healthy fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat that is actually less expensive than processed foods.

4. 'I do not have time'
One does not need to do for hours to go on a diet, but only briefly, and even no more than 30 minutes. For it if it already has the will, then all things must be done.

5. 'I can not work when I'm hungry'
A good diet will not make a person hungry, but instead make it more active and productive so that they can think better because eating fresh foods without preservatives and malnutrition.

6. 'Condition has been derived from families'
Some people try to hide the fat on the grounds of the family genes. But the researchers found that obesity is not a dominant gene so that a person can still control their weight with some effort.

7. 'I do not like fruit and vegetables'
If you do not like to be consumed raw, the vegetables can be added to the soup, stew or other food mixtures, while fruit juice or smoothies can be made good.

8. 'The work I travel a lot, so I have a lot to eat'
This condition can be overcome with smart food choices like low-fat, for example, choose steamed fish or chicken and salad with honey and lemon to replace the mayonnaise.

Nothing says that the diet program is easy to do, but by eliminating the reasons the person is one step closer to success.


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