Eating Carrots Make People More Attractive

Many eat carrots have been known to nourish the eye. Not only that, recent research shows that eating carrots can make the skin healthy and glowing, which makes people more interesting. 

Researchers at St Andrews and University of Bristol shows that women and men who diligently eating vegetables and fruits a strong color such as carrots and plump, can have a luminous yellow skin that are considered very attractive and healthy. 

Vegetables and fruits which typically contain strong colored pigments called carotenoids. This substance is found in fruits and certain vegetables play an important role in giving the skin a glow. 
"The relationship between carotenoid yellow skin glowing and open new strategies to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables," says Ian Stephen, one of the scientists involved in the project, as reported by AFP. 

Stephen said it took two months regularly eat carrots to be able to see tangible results on the skin. 

"Telling people to eat vegetables and fruit with a reason for not having a heart attack at age 40 years may seem harder than to say that vegetables and fruits can make a person more attractive in recent months," continued Stephen. 

The results of this study will be published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior March 2011 edition of the magazine The Grocer. 

Daucus carota carrot or vegetable plants are grown throughout the year. In addition to eye and skin health, vegetables that contain lots of beta-carotene, vitamin A, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus and iron can also serve to lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and clean pinworms.


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