Strong Medicine for Osama bin Laden

International terrorist leader Osama bin Laden was reported suffering from kidney failure. However, from various types of drugs found in his headquarters, there is a possibility he would suffer impotence due to one of them is strong medicine.

Powerful drug in question is syrup Avena, a type of herbal ingredients that actually indicated as an artificial sweetener and upset stomach. However, due to side effects can arouse sexual desire; this drug is often misused as a 'natural Viagra'.

"In America, 40 percent syrup is used off label, meaning that is used is the side effects" says Cynthia Reilly, pharmacists from the American Society of Health System Pharmacists comment on the findings of tonic at the headquarters of Osama as quoted by MSNBC.

Syrup made from the seed extract Avena oat (Avena sativa), a type of cereal that grows wild in various parts of Europe. Although not much scientific evidence that the syrup is effective to excite the sex, its popularity as a special supplements adult males worldwide enough.

Apart from Avena syrup, types of drugs most commonly found at the headquarters of Osama are upset stomach and cough medicines for children. Interestingly, none of the drugs which indicate that bin Laden suffered from kidney failure as many have believed all along.

Read more, here are the contents of the medicine cabinet at the headquarters of Osama as revealed by news station NBC News Pakistan recently.

1. Grucid Tablets (omeprazole)
The drug is manufactured in India and is indicated to overcome digestive disorders, particularly peptic ulcers. Can also be used to overcome the gastric acid reflux, or a rise in stomach acid into the esophagus.

2. Gabapentin tablet
The main indication of this drug is to control seizures and relieve various types of nerve disorders. Can also be used to relieve pain in herpes infection zoster.

3. Natrilix
If this drug is consumed by Osama himself, then certainly that he was not suffering from kidney failure. For a drug that is indicated to treat high blood pressure should not be given to people with kidney disorders.

4. Penza drop
These ear drops containing ampicillin are used to treat ear infections in children.

5. Syrup Tixylax (Tixylix)
Used to cope with chest pain and cough at night in children.

6. Brufen syrup
It is believed as ibuprofen syrup, which is a pain reliever and fever in children.

7. Dettole
Dettol antiseptic liquid kind used to clean wounds or scratches on the surface of the skin.

8. Avena Syrup
Contains extracts of oat seeds (Avena Sativa), which properties to relieve abdominal pain, but much abused as generating passionate sex.


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