10 Tips for Keeping Your Foot Health

Human foot is a machine biomechanical extraordinary that we need to consider his health. On average, each person will walk in all his life like this around the earth twice. Extraordinary work done by our feet to help us do all our daily activities.
Here are tips on how to keep our feet remain healthy in order to continue doing his work load:
1. Notice your feet regularly and pay attention to changes in color, texture or appearance.
2. Keep your feet in good hygiene, including washing and drying between the toes.
3. Dampen your feet.
Hot weather in Indonesia and feet wearing shoes that are not likely to lose the softness and skin moisture away and can lead to dry skin and chapped. It is important to keep the humidity by using a cream lotion regularly.
4. Wear size shoes / sandals that fit the size of your foot. Try to buy shoes / sandals in the evening where the size of the leg reaches a maximum.
5. Do not ignore pain in the leg. Complaints that the more severe or that do not improve within a certain period requires evaluation by your physician chiropractors.
6. Cut your toenails straight and not too deep. Avoid cutting edge of the nail is more in order to avoid the growth of nail into that can cause infection.
7. Sports. Walking is the best way to keep your legs in shape.
8. Dry your shoes every day. The sweat produced by your feet will be absorbed by the shoes every day. It is important to make your shoes stay dry.
9. Avoid walking barefoot to avoid the risk of foot injury and infection.
10. Use a sunblock on your feet when wearing sandals to prevent sunburn.
Hopefully these tips can help us to keep our foot health. In addition to healthy would also make our feet feel fresh all the time and not disturb the people around us of course


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