Miracle of Water for Our Health

Earth is our departure, 70% of which is formed from water. Composition human body was composed of 70% water. For balance, health and body's need for water awake, do not forget to drink water at least 8 glasses a day which has lined up benefits, including:

1. Body Slimmer
Drink 10-12 glasses a day makes your body slim because your metabolism burns calories 3% faster

2. Prevent Brain Damage
This is because 85% of the brain consists of water. brain can not tolerate even 1% of water shortage even

3. Banish headaches
Though many causes of headaches, dehydration is the main cause

4. Recipe Ageless
You become ageless obsession turned out pretty diligently drinking water because of the appearance of the skin more elastic and not dry

5. Boosting Productivity
Your productivity will increase because the brain terdongkrak consisting of 85% of the water, able to think better if the water needs will be met

6. More Energic
Sports / activities have more energy because water is able to regulate body temperature

7. Supports Digestion Performance
With drinking water metabolism is more active so that no difficulty to defecate

8. Reduce The Risk of Muscle Cramps
With drinking water, muscle and joint use of water as a lubricant

9. Happier
This is not a myth, you feel happy because your body feels fitter

10. Reduce The Risk of Colon Cancer
Because the water will get rid of cancer-causing substances in the gut via urine


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