Let's change!! .. 10 Resolution Health in the Year 2011

Resolutions for a healthier life is very desirable, many women at the beginning of the year begins. Unfortunately the resolution is often only survive in the early days of its implementation only. After that, re-living the life that is not healthy.

Now it's time to focus your attention to health. Because you have a goal to improve your life, then you can save the cost of treatment to the doctor. Another advantage is that you will feel
better with a fresh body condition, function better sense of smell, no dry skin, and eating becomes more enjoyable.

This is the recommended resolution to initiate health healthy living, was quoted as saying she knows.

1. Stop Smoking
Many reasons why you should immediately stop smoking. Among them, within 20 minutes after smoking, blood pressure and your pulse returns to normal. After three days of not smoking, the nicotine is not
longer detectable in the blood and makes you able to breathe easily.

2. Routine exercise
The benefits of exercise is to be felt by the body. In addition to controlling weight, exercise also can increase positive energy, creating a mood, enhance sex drive and so forth. Sports
that too many dolakukan will end with a lazy exercise at all, then just 30 minutes a day but regularly performed.

3. More relaxed life
Do not let yourself get caught up in pressure. Rest your mind, find stillness and peace through self-relaxation techniques with meditation, walking - the road, listening to music or go to the center
massage. So the result you will feel more calm, emotions and thoughts will be more controllable

4. Sleep enough
Sleep may help the cells repair damaged body. Suggested bedtime adults is seven to eight hours a day to avoid the risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, obesity and disease type of cancer.

5. Maintaining healthy mind
A healthy mind is the mind active and full of interest with new things. Stimulate creativity and your passion to train intelligence and mind health.

6. Using technology for health check
Today many health websites that can calculate your body mass index, or to find out your health by using the applications on a particular health site. Gunakalah to undergo
activity more fun!

7. Trying something new
Start a healthy life by trying something new. Like trying to exercise a different movement than usual and try a new healthy food menu. Actions to try something new will be necessary for you.

8. Periodic health check
Do not ever underestimate about health. Good health is an important step to help you achieve success and happiness.

9. Who has a healthy sense
Why do you need to have a healthy physical? A healthy physical can create a passion and pursue your life goals. Always remember about it will help you realize your health resolutions in 2011.

10. Selective in choosing food
In addition to exercise, food selection is crucial for maintaining health. In 2011, this should reduce the unhealthy foods like fast food and sweet food. Increase consumption of servings of fruits and vegetables.

Make early 2011 to create a healthy lifestyle!


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