Hair lengthening

Sometimes we experience things we do not want in everyday life, surely it. One of them is a haircut that failed. Already pay expensive salon hoping to change their appearance to be more fresh, more beautiful and more interesting but instead failed miserably. Instead of more interesting shapes our hair became damaged. Any problem there must be remedies. For haircuts failed miserably one solution is to lengthen the hair to be trimmed back to the model.

Actually it's easy to speed up the process of hair lengthening. There are several tips that we can do.

1. Avoid shampooing every day

Shampooing every day will make the hair dry because it does not allow your scalp to produce oil which moisturize hair. Low humidity will make the hair easy to break.

2. Using a heater

Heating usage such as hair dryer and hair clamp will make the hair brittle fracture or fall out so easily.

3. Combing hair more often

Combing hair make hair look neat addition can also stimulate new hair growth. Serration of the comb directly massaging the scalp and stimulate new hair growth.

4. Hair Masks

Not just facial hair that needs a mask but also requires extra nutrients. Using a hair mask periodically and regularly to speed up the process of extending hair. Hair mask there are two kinds of chemicals (with treatment salon) or natural. Use according to the needs and abilities.


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