Recognize Signs of Illness Early

In general, it's actually a serious disease can be cured, if detected early and treated promptly. Because of that, look at your body carefully to catch the signs of dangerous diseases.

Here are some signs of dangerous diseases that need to be aware of:

1. Heart disease

Shortness of breath, chest feels oppressed, swelling in the feet and ankles, feeling tired prolonged.
2. Diabetes
Frequently excessive thirst, constant hunger, frequent urination, decreased weight gain, itching, tiredness, decreased the ability of vision, slow wound healed.

3. Cancer
Incurred inflammation or abnormal discharge, enlarged lumps in certain parts of the body, the wound does not heal, changes in bowel habits, gangguang digestion, changes in moles.

4. Kidney stones
Difficult urination, recurrent urinary tract infection, pain in the waist, and blood in the urine.
Tuberculosis (TB): A cough that do not heal heal for two weeks or more, decreased weight gain, loss of appetite, fever and sweating.


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