Sharing with the leadership to make us healthy

Talk to the leadership of what you really think did have a good effect on health. A study in England said, employees who harbored thoughts and feelings will experience feelings of anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, decreasing the brain's ability even mental retardation.
Research conducted a study by dividing a group of 150 managers into two groups. The first group to get training and feed back (reciprocal) of the 500 employees while the second group did not receive reciprocal.
"When a manager to get feed back from staff, they can introspect and managerial style will be more effective in leading," says Emma Donaldson-Feilder in a conference in Brighton, England.

Benefits of the employees themselves is that they can spend all the things that shall be paid their thoughts and any possible stress to be reduced because of unexpressed thoughts and feelings can be issued.
"Without having to look at myself in the mirror they could get the input that support the two things at once, namely performance and health. And if each employee and the employer can introspect each other, the future will be easier. What followed was a good stay and what bad reverse the change, " explains Feilder.


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