Hair Extension Care Tips

For appearance with hair extensions remain attractive must be kept and maintained as possible even though the long hair from hair extensions do not belong to you.

1. Keep Hair Clean
The first step that must be done is to maintain the cleanliness of your hair. Also use mild shampoo and conditioner products to wash it off. If less confident with your choices, can ask the hair stylist you trust.

2. Avoid Water Shower
When you do wash your hair to avoid a direct hit by water pouring from a shower or a shower because it can cause hair to become matted. Avoid also from water swimming pool / sea water because it contains chlorine and salts that can damage the hair. If you want to use a swim cap to swim.

3. Use a Loose-Flops
You can still hair with different styles even if they use hair extensions and do not be afraid to tie up her hair. Select a clip that does not loosen or top-knot of hair.

4. Natural Drying
Do not use a heater such as excessive hair dryer. Wash with warm water and let hair dry by itself.

The important thing to note is avoid coloring or perming own. If you still want to express your hair, consult with experts in the salon that you trust your subscription.


Best Clip Hair Extensions said...

Anyone have a hair extension should strictly follows the quick tips mentioned above. This is mandatory, follow this if you want to kept your great hair for long.

Best Hair Extension Salons said...

This is such a helpful site! Hair extensions are really great and it will be even better with good maintenance. It's a good thing there are tips that will help hair extensions last even longer than expected.

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