Some People Born to It Always Negative Thinking

Motivate a person to be more optimistic in life is sometimes very difficult. Not because motivator less reliable, because some people are genetically born to be always so negative and pessimistic.

People who always have a negative view of life are usually prone to depression and other psychiatric disorders. Such people cannot appreciate what they have and tend to feel his life was never happy.

A study at the University of Michigan revealed that individuals with a pessimistic personality are genetically different than the average person. The difference lies in the protein component, called neuropeptide Y (NPY).

NPY is a protein which is one of the constituent components deoxyribonucleic chains (DNA). In a pessimistic person, NPY levels lower than the average person.

Research conducted by Dr. Brian Mickey was conducted with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Scanning with this technology is to observe the activity of the prefrontal cortex, part of the brain which controls emotion and psychiatric status.

When listening to the words that describe a negative situation such as 'murder', volunteers with low NPY levels have increased activity of the prefrontal cortex. This increase indicates that the person concerned to be more anxious and upset than other volunteers.

In subsequent experiments, researchers injected saline solution to evoke pain of moderate intensity. Compared with normal participants, participants with low NPY carrying more complaining about feeling uncomfortable due to the injection.

"We hope this research can be developed to detect individual risk of depression and anxiety-related disorders," said Dr. Mickey.

Results were published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry.


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