Reasons People Do not Want to Stop Smoking

Most people know that smoking can endanger the health of himself and others, but not a few people who remained stubborn. Here it is the reasons people stay in recalcitrant smokers.

"From upstream to downstream Rooms all contain toxins, and in the long term the resulting diseases can really spend money," said Dr. Sally Aman Nasution, SpPD-KKV, FINASIM.

Dr Sally said there are cases of a man an 80-year-old son brought a heart disease. The man was known as a smoker and he often dodged that he was just a heart disease and smoking did not feel healthy.

"But not everyone is as lucky person, maybe now he does not have a heart attack but we do not know how later on," said Dr. Sally.

The reasons expressed by the smokers are usually:

  • He considers himself in good health
  • Not exposed to attack or heart disease even though he was active smoking
  • Smoking or not smoking he would die too
"Risk factors for heart disease is multifactorial, and one of them are smokers. Some of the known risk factors can be modified or changed such as lifestyle and smoking, while other risk factors cannot be modified such as gender and genetics," says Dr Sally.

Dr Sally also revealed there are some patients who had heart bypass surgery or heart attack but still smokes. Though the risk of heart attack again he will increase and the possibility of attacks that occur will be far more fatal.

Thus, to people who have never had a heart attack the first thing to do is to quit smoking.

While Dr. Ari Fahrial H-Sham SpPD KGEH, MMB, FINASIM said cigarettes can also increase 2-3 times the risk of pancreatic cancer, increased 2-fold risk of colon cancer, increased risk of cancer of the esophagus (throat) and also make his ulcer disease not heal. Lung cancer is the dominant factor is caused by smoking.

"If it's addiction or the addiction is difficult to stop smoking, unless there is a consciousness of itself to quit smoking or it could be because have learned my lesson," he said.

There are several things you can do for someone to quit smoking that is not familiar with the term repeat cigarettes, keep all things related to smoking such as ashtrays or other items and a definitely must resist the temptation.


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