Exercise Tips that No Harm Heart

Several cases of people died after heavy exercise such as football, tennis, and badminton makes some people afraid to do the sport. The problem is not on the branch the exercise, but because it is too forced exercise on body condition was not ready.

"What should be remembered not as a branch sport, but it sports achievements or fun can contain a fatal danger to health if done when the body is not ready physically and mentally," said Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO, Sports Medicine Specialist.

According to Dr. Michael, all kind of sports risks to health, the most frequently such injuries, broken or torn tendon in the muscle, even fatal can cause a stroke or heart attack. But because most do not cause death, it is not too worried.

"But that does not mean I ban people for a workout or frighten. Sports equipment needed by the body, provided that person is ready physically and mentally, and not to impose sporting exceeds 100 percent of his body," said Dr Michael.

Dr Michael said most people who suffered injuries or a health problem during exercise is because his body was not ready physically and mentally. Moreover, when the previous person already has health problems, such as hypertension or high cholesterol, but never checked through check-up.

In addition, untrained laymen who usually are often forced me to do competitive sports or strenuous exercise capacity exceeded 100 percent of his body.

"Push yourself with heavy exercise exceeds 100 percent of the body's ability to harm the organs in the body, including the heart. To that end, should also consider what sports and how the ability of our bodies," said Dr Michael.

According to Dr. Michael, regardless of age of a person when he has the physical and mental readiness, it is not problematic even when doing strenuous exercise. But if you force yourself to do vigorous exercise when the body is not ready, physically might be able to accept it, but not with your heart.

To avoid health problems during exercise, Dr. Michael gives some tips on healthy and safe, namely:

1. Check the pulse rate before exercise
Should check blood pressure (tension) before excercise. But for the layman can check the pulse at the wrist or neck. Normal pulse rate is 60-90 beats per minute.

When the pulse rate is above or below that number, you should not force yourself to exercise, especially vigorous exercise. The pulse is below or above normal indicates that your body is in excellent condition.

2. No dizziness when moving from squatting to standing
If you feel dizzy when changing body position while squatting to standing, meaning the heart no longer pumps blood to the fullest. In these conditions also do not force yourself to exercise heavily.

3. Do not force yourself when you first exercise
"Note the ability of the body; do not do sports more than 100 percent of the body's ability. The heart must be trained regularly and continuously, at least 3 times a week. If you have not exercise, then do not push yourself to competitive sports such as football should chase the score. Do it gradually as he viewed the complaint, "said Dr Michael.


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