Healthy Diet with Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only beneficial to health, but also good for dieting. The oil comes from the fruit of the Greek community pride is helping to keep cholesterol levels remained normal, as well as controlling blood sugar.

Quoted by the Times of India, olive oil is also very easy to digest because they contain unsaturated fats. There are many ways of preparing food using olive oil; one of the easiest ways is to make it as a dressing for salad.

You also can make a healthy snack by rubbing olive oil on bread wheat. Olive oil can also be added as sauces and dressings. Combine olive oil with onions, spices (oregano, thyme, etc.) and garlic for pasta sauce.

Also use olive oil to soak the meat, for the spices more easily absorbed into the food. If you do not really like the taste is fresh, you can add flavor by including dried herbs in olive oil.

Store at room temperature olive oil - better in the dark - with a tightly closed container. Storing olive oil in the refrigerator will make it thick and thickens.


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