Chinese Aromatherapy

Have you ever imagined your pains disappear just because the scent of aromatherapy?. There is no doubt, aromatherapy can refresh your mind, restore the spirit of a person’s life and can even cure various disorders of mind. But some people may be surprised wince when they hear aromatherapy can cure various physical ailments.

In Chinese science, all things in this world can be grouped into five main elements. They are metal, water, wood, earth and fire. So it is with essential oils as aromatherapy. Body and mind can never be separated, therefore our emotional life is unbalanced also result of an unhealthy body conditions as well. Since aromatherapy is known to restore freshness and health of mind, then chances are the body’s health to be restored by aromatherapy are also more real.For example, grief and sadness that are classified as elements of metal, can weaken the lungs and trigger a person’s respiratory infections. In addition, the effect of this metal element also causes one to be aloof, felt excluded from social life and become difficult to communicate. In this case, oil essential such as eucalyptus, cypress, clary sage and tea tree not only strengthen their immune system, but also enabled them to release the sadness and grief. Combined with acupressure to heal their lungs, is very effective way of healing.

Workaholic people always timeless overtime will usually have problems in the kidney. Personally, they will always feel anxious, tired and feeling insignificant. Geranium essential oil would be effective for these patients with healthy mind and thus has helped most of the healing process itself.


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