75% of British Women's Select Beautiful Than Healthy

Choose beautiful or healthy? A study with surprising results released in the UK. 75% of women in that country was more beautiful than select healthy.

Polling was held by the Benenden Healthcare Society, a nonprofit organization that helps provide health care services in England. There were 3,000 women aged 18-65 years who were respondents in the study.

From the poll are known, the British women a year are willing to spend 336 pounds to buy the equipment make-up, skin and hair. As for the health they just spend 228 pounds a year to buy vitamins and exercise.

75% of respondents said they were very happy to come home to bring beauty equipment rather than the things that support health. While only 41% who went to the store to buy health products.

Benenden Healthcare Society spokesman admitted concern with the results of such research. They also asked the women to pay more attention to health, rather than just think about beauty.


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