Acne? Your Phone Might Cause

Cleansing routine in the morning and at night was never missed; you were diligent in applying moisturizer and eating healthy foods. But why pimples and blackheads still stand silent in the face? Your favorite mobile phone may be the cause.

Quoted from Beautylish, our phones have the potential to save thousands, even millions of bacteria that come from our own hands. When hands touch the keys or cell phone screen, a variety of dirt, grease or bacteria can move from the hands to the phone.

Phones that have been exposed to dirt and bacteria and then attached to the face while you talk on the phone. As a result, pimples and blackheads also appear because dirt that clogs pores.

This can be done to reduce the transfer of bacteria from hands to the phone, or from phone to face, by always keeping the phone remains hygienic.

Get used to clean the phone every day by wiping using wet wipes that contain alcohol. Could also with a cloth soaked with alcohol. Rub gently and slowly the screen, also the back of the phone keypad.

Another possible way is to use hands-free or speaker phone to no direct contact with the skin of the face.


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