Ginger and Chocolate, Make Men Good

Men also need to eat healthy foods. Because the food is carefully selected not only to maintain fitness male body but also makes it healthier. What are some foods that are suitable for men?

Who said that keeping the body's only women's affairs? Though men also need good food to maintain his body. Not only for the form of physical appearance but also the body's metabolic system. The differences also affect the physical form of the nutritional needs of men. Here are some foods that should be consumed by men:

Without Meat Fat
"Lean red meat is very good for men, because the protein content more than the chicken breasts," says Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD a nutrition expert at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Red meat is a source of leucine, an amino acid that helps build muscle.

Cherry and Ginger
Cherry fruit has a pigment that functions as an anti-inflammatory as well as ginger. Anti-inflammatory, it keeps the joints to keep it in prime condition. Also prevent injury when you do heavy activity.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate to blood flow because of its flavonoids content can lower bad cholesterol levels and serves to maintain male sexual arousal.

Although the avocado contains more fat, but fat is contained monounsaturated fats that can demolish cholesterol. Eating avocados with no added sugar, milk, sweeteners or other additives.

Fat Fish
Fatty fish in salmon is a type of healthy fat. Omega-3 fatty acid in salmon serves to prevent the occurrence of heart attacks, cancer, and arthritis. Eat salmon twice a week will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Milk and Yoghurt
Milk and yogurt are one source of leucine in addition to meat. Milk can be replaced with yogurt with fresh fruit flavor.

"Bananas are a very high source of potassium. Potassium plays an important role in muscle contraction and bone health," says Bonci. Bananas also help maintain blood pressure. Bananas are also suitable for men who were running the diet program.

Almost all types of vegetables contain phytochemicals, plant-based nutrients to enhance cell function in the body and protect themselves from cancer. "Make sure your plate is always 'colored' when eating, because each vegetable has a phytochemical
Different, "says Bonci.

Eggs are not only containing animal protein, but also lutein and iron. "Although egg yolk is a source of cholesterol, but when eaten in proper portions will not make your cholesterol increases," says Bonci. If already have problems with cholesterol, it helps to talk to your doctor how many eggs should be consumed within a week.


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