Various Detoxes

Believed to have the benefits of a detox to cleanse the body of toxins that harm the body if it will accumulate. Too many types of detox is circulating in the community to make this activity becomes difficult to choose. But in fact, the most frequently performed in the medical world is colon detox, liver detox and fasting. What is the process?

Natural detox is a detox process that is done by using the ordinary activity, without any chemicals into the body. The process itself is arguably more secure, because it is done in a way that does not interfere with the working organ of the drug. Are included in the natural detox is detox the large intestine (colon), liver detox and fasting.

Detox large intestine (colon) is done as a colon cleansing process of the remains of digestion that settles in the body for many years throughout life. This detox is done by the so-called colon therapy, colon cleansing is to use herbal ingredients such as senna leaves. Having done this process for about 3 times the therapy, residual waste will decay and brought down other digestive rest. This kind of detox can improve digestion and metabolism, so it will be healthier.

Liver detox is done when there are toxins in the bile or stone chips. Usually the doctor will suggest to consume apples and olive oil. Initially the patient will be asked to fast, after drinking the olive oil approximately 100 cc. After fasting and empty because of the olive oil, will force the liver bile works by massaging, so the toxins and the remnants of the stone will settle out.

Usual fasting Muslim is one example of the best natural detox. This process is done by not eating and drinking from early morning until late afternoon. Originally definitely will feel dizziness, nausea, and even a change of emotion, but it was very reasonable as the process of adapting the body due to lack of certain nutrients. But then it will feel more refreshed.

"Basically detox safer course is natural. Supplement long-term consumption can damage the kidneys. If you really want a healthy and slim, time to yourself to exercise or fasting routine," said dr. Phaidon L. Toruan, healthy living practitioners.


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