5 Important Facts about Cholesterol

Cholesterol is considered as evil for the body. Cholesterol is considered bad because of the threat to your heart.

Here are 5 important facts about cholesterol you need to know:

1. Some Symptoms of High Cholesterol Seen by the Eye

Generally, you can know about high cholesterol through a doctor. But there are signs of high cholesterol are visible to the eye. For example, the emergence of a lot of red bumps on the body known as xanthomas. This reddish bumps caused by high cholesterol.

2. Sports Can Increase Good Cholesterol

Daily exercise is beneficial to health, not to mention if you want to control cholesterol. Regular exercise can help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol naturally density.

3. Increased Cholesterol After Menopause

Before menopause, estrogen helps maintain cholesterol levels. But after ending a woman's menstrual cycle, estrogen levels decrease so as to make a sharp rise in bad cholesterol. Due to elevated cholesterol levels, mean also increases the risk of heart problems in many women.

4. Low Cholesterol Also Can Impact Poor

High cholesterol is not good for health, but also a very low cholesterol is not good. Have a stable level of cholesterol is very important, because if cholesterol levels fall below 160 mg / dL, it can increase the chances of certain cancers and depression.

5. Children Can Also Have Cholesterol Disease

Because obese or who have a family history of heart disease, children can also have high cholesterol. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention as early as possible and keep the child's diet.


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