4 Women's Health Issues Dangerous but Withheld

Everyone has secrets, because secrets can make a difference in the quality of life. No exception for women. By storing the secret life of women feel much more comfortable and enjoyable, but if one gives treatment can be fatal.

Discuss what is being perceived and experienced will make the surrounding environment, such as friends, family, and most importantly, physicians can lead to greater understanding and provide better treatment solutions. In a family, shared the secret to health is very important because most of the problem is genetic and carried from generation to generation.

1. Menstrual Period
Such periods can affect women in different stages of life. More than 10 million women live in pain cramps during menstrual period, but it is also how women have to go back and forth to the toilet just to check the pads. But few express it, because the activity of 'compulsory' as changing pads more than 5 times per day according to them is a normal thing that they do have to live every day. According to doctors, sharing problems in menstrual cramps can be dangerous if not given a particular treatment. Most women usually only share stories with friends or female relatives.

2. Pimple
Approximately 30 percent of women have problems with acne starts in the teenage years, even into adulthood. Acne in adulthood may arise due to hypersensitivity or excessive hormone production during pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. Often, women will try to solve the problem using only acne medicine for teenage acne, because there is a sense of shame or even lazy to go to the doctor. Acne medication is given or not given any treatment at all can cause effects become more severe.

3. Bladder Leakage
Although the bladder is actually common problem, but most of the women who experience it will keep it a secret. Approximately 13 million Americans, the majority of women, have bladder problems. This problem appears as postnatal effects or natural aging. Although it can occur in women of any age, this problem can actually be solved with therapy, behavior modification, dietary changes, or drugs. Awareness and openness necessary for women to want to share information about what he felt to others related to this issue.

4. Vaginal Dryness
Changes in mood and appearance of night sweats are a symptom of menopause that is often discussed. But what about the symptoms that were never discussed? For example, are like onset of pain during intercourse. More than 50 million menopausal women and half of them have vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy is a chronic and progressive condition characterized by symptoms including dryness and pain during intercourse. By discussing it with your family, friends, or doctors, will be easy to find a solution to avoid more severe for women who experience it.


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