Detox Diet, Alternative Ways to Slim?

Detoxification or detox is often referred to as the person believed to have many benefits, such as removing toxins and ageless. But the majority of people do detox in order to diet and lose weight. Are any detoxes can indeed lose weight for people who do?

Need to be considered by the public, that the diet and detox are 2 things that are not necessarily related. Diet is basically doing dietary adjustments, so the amount of food that enters the body is not excessive, especially when compared with the activities performed on a daily basis.

While detox is the process of cleaning the organ in the body and remove toxins that settle in the person's body. Cannot always be sure someone is doing the detox will directly have a beautiful body or directly into an ideal body weight.

"Diet and detox is not the same thing. Diet emphasizes how dietary adjustments and exercise, while one organ detox cleanse the body of toxic remnants. If you really want to lose weight, then it must do the business, namely exercise and food intake, "said dr. Phaidon L. Toruan, healthy living practitioners.

"If you intend to detox for a slim, but not exercising, then detox is done will be in vain. Though successful weight down, it could be genetic factors of the person or even weight loss is not healthy." he continued.

Detox itself naturally increase spending process toxins from the body. Vital organs are being targeted in the program is an effective poison cleansing the colon and liver.

In the intestine, for example, any substance that enters the body will be absorbed into the blood through the intestinal walls. That is, the toxin was gut will also be circulated with the flow of blood to cells throughout the body. These toxins that contribute the various conditions of chronic disease, acute, and degenerative. So also reduced levels of energy and premature aging.

When doing a colon detox on, then the toxin or food residue that settles in the body will be drained and decay, so that a clean colon and digestive processes will become more healthy.

Thus, it was revealed that the detox is more focused on the process of cleansing organs of the body, while the diet is the diet regulation. If you really want to lose weight, then this is the key is exercise.

"If it does not burn fat by exercise, what weight can be ideal," said dr. Phaidon.


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