Night Sleep Over 9 Hours Cause Heart Disease Risk

Many people who complain of not getting enough sleep, so it uses a lot more time to sleep that night. New research actually found that more than 9 hours of sleep each night is not healthy.

9 hours of sleep or more each night can increase the risk of heart disease, too much thinking, to premature death.

Previous studies conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney examined information from a survey conducted in 10 countries by asking participants to record how much time they used to work in a 24 hour period. The study involved a survey of more than three decades.

Comparisons are made with results in 2007 1985. U.S. participants about 1.5 times more likely to sleep for more than 9 hours per night, and 15 percent more likely to sleep less than 6 hours.

The study found a similar trend in other countries, such as Australia, Finland, Sweden, and the UK. All reports indicate an increase in the percentage of people who sleep more than 9 hours a day (only Canada and Italy reported a decline). Sweden and the UK also reported a decrease in the percentage of people who sleep for more than 6 hours, while Italy and Norway have increased.

One of the reasons why people always say he was sleep deprived as adults is due to a change in habits. As the age of the child or adolescent, time to sleep more. In fact, every day people can take a nap for 1 hour or more. Then while growing up, the density of activity makes a habit that many hours of sleep is reduced.

Researcher reveals important to define 'sleep' it. Is sleep mentioned is actually sleeping or just spend time in bed.

"A lot of people complain about their lack of sleep, but the truth is they actually use more time to move in bed, not really straight to bed," said Diane S. Lauderdale, professor of epidemiology, University of Chicago's Department of Health Studies.

Lauderdale adds other possibilities that could cause a person to experience health problems from too much sleep are the onset of depression and decreased outdoor activity.


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