Sharpen the Brain By Writing

In modern times now, most people prefer to type using a computer keyboard rather than writing with pen and his own hand. In fact, writing by hand to sharpen the brain more than typing.

According to the researchers, read and write involves a number of senses in the body so that sharpen the brain's performance. The process of this brain was missing when people switch from pen and book into a computer screen and keyboard.

When writing by hand, which involved movement leaving traces in the brain called the sensorimotor. This process helps people to recognize letters.

Researchers say, touch and movement of typing on a keyboard to produce different responses in the brain, which means not reinforce the learning mechanism in the same way.

"Because of writing by hand takes more time than typing on a keyboard, then the temporal aspects of the brain involved in language can also affect the learning process," explained Professor Anne Mangen, experts from Stavanger University, as reported by Dailymail, Tuesday (01/25/2011 .)

Prof. Mangen mentioned, this condition is related to the haptic. The term 'haptic' refers to the process of touching and the way people communicate by touch, especially by using the fingers and hands to explore the environment.

This research was conducted by testing for learning the alphabet, which is divided in two groups of participants. The first group was taught to write letters by hand, while the other group by using the keyboard.
At weekly intervals, participants' memories of the alphabet are recorded. And those who learn through reading and writing letters to get the best results.

This is based on the results of research conducted in Norway and Stavanger University neurophysiology Jean-Luc Velay from Marseille University. These findings have been published in the journal Haptics.


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