HypnoBirthing Childbirth

HypnoBirthing is a natural method for eliminating fear, panic, tension, and other pressures that haunt you in the face of labor. The method was discovered by Marie F. Mongan in the United States is derived from the word hypnosis (unconscious) and the birthing (delivery). However, these methods do not necessarily make you unconscious during childbirth. Instead you are fully aware and enjoy the process of the birth of the baby.
HypnoBirthing more reference to hypnotherapy, ie planting exercise suggestion in the subconscious so that you can control the actions of your conscious when undergoing the process of childbirth. With this method of pain due to contraction that can occur can be minimized. HypnoBirthing method can be applied to the normal delivery and delivery through operations. Though of course this method over a lot of benefits if you live in a normal delivery. The pain appears to be reduced without the use of reliever medication asakit race. Contact your hospital or visited a clinic that provides prenatal class if you are interested to follow this method.

You can lead a HypnoBirthing relaxation exercises whenever you want. Generally, the exercise begins so stepping into the seven-month pregnancy. To obtain maximum results, take regular exercise and guidance of a hypnotherapist. Furthermore, poise, strong intention, and the stability of liver becomes your capital for the delivery process went smoothly and naturally.

Many Benefits

There are many benefits you can get when giving birth with HypnoBirthing method:
1. Minimize or even eliminate fear, tension, pain syndrome, and panic during childbirth and the period thereafter.
2. Reduce or remove the desire to use painkillers during childbirth.
3. Shorten the initial phase of the process of opening the birth canal.
4. Eliminates fatigue after the birth of a baby so you stay energized.
5. Reduce breathing fast and short because of pain during labor withstand progress.
6. Accelerate the recovery period after birth.
7. Creating a natural birth process into something beautiful and not traumatic.
8. Accelerating the bond between you, baby, and husband.


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