Dangers of Giving Water In Infants Under Age 6 Months

Scientists from the John Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore, United States reminded the parents to not give water to infants under six months. Why? An expert on emergency child of John Hopkins Children's Center, dr. Jennifer Anders, said the baby's immature kidneys or have not developed completely. Baby's kidneys are not able to release water rapidly, causing the accumulation of water in the body that can harm the baby. Excess provision of water to dissolve sodium (sodium) in blood and bodies will be issued. Losing sodium can affect the brain activity. Liquid also required to drink when thirsty baby is breast milk or formula. Mineral baby's water needs are met when the baby was breastfed or drinking milk formula. Both types of milk is largely the material is water. However, infant formula is not recommended for infants during the mother can still breastfeed. Formula feeding with the wrong dilution can cause nutritional disorders in infants, whether overweight or underweight. According to Walker, the provision of water for the baby should be avoided, even electrolyte-rich fluid that is devoted to baby is also not recommended. This is intended to maintain body fluid balance daily.

The reason most doctors do not recommend giving children to the white water on the baby because water can easily make the baby's stomach becomes full. Early symptoms of water intoxication or poisoning are irritability Water (whining baby), drowsiness and other mental changes. Another symptom is the decrease in body temperature (hipotermi), edema, or swelling around the face, and seizures. Parents should consult with a pediatrician in the delivery of water. In certain cases, provision of water in small quantities may be appropriate. For example, in a state of constipation and during hot weather. The supply of water in the baby is only allowed one to two ounces (one tablespoon) of water on each gift.

Water can be given to the infant, after the age of six (6) months or when the baby has been introduced to solid foods (complementary foods). Giving you should use a cup of water. The cup is the best option rather than dot / bottle. This is because, when the provision of drinking with a pacifier / bottle cause the baby to receive too much water.


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