Lose Weight Can Make People Pumped

For obese men, weight loss is not only beneficial to health but also eliminate the fat in the genital area that can extend the penis. Not only that, losing weight can also increase libido or sex drive.

People who are overweight both men and women, tend to have poor self-image and low energy levels, which in turn can lower sex drive.

Lose weight, not only distance themselves from the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, but also gain double benefit of improving sex drive.

Having an ideal body weight can increase a person's self confidence. By having a positive outlook on themselves, then people will more likely be in the mood (mood) is good for sexual activity with a partner.

In addition, reported by LIVESTRONG on Wednesday (26/01/2011), lose weight by exercising regularly and set healthy eating patterns can directly increase the sex drive. Losing weight can also increase blood flow to sex organs, so it can make you more in the mood for intimacy.

To increase libido with weight loss, choose a balanced program with regular exercise, healthy diet and make time to share with a partner.

Avoid the yo-yo diets that make you easily lose weight but also easily rise again. This not only will make weight loss programs fail, but also can affect hormones and mood, which in fact may decrease libido.


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