Interesting Figures Regarding Obesity

Overweight and obesity are risk factors for dangerous diseases, ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure to impotence. For those who consider it excessive, the following figures will reveal how dangerous it had no body fat.

Interesting figures related to obesity as quoted by the Telegraph, Friday (28/01/2011) are:

7 years

Obesity is estimated to reduce life expectancy of someone up to an average of 7 years. This means that with a body mass index (BMI) an ideal, a person can live 7 years longer than if you are obese.

30 kg/m2
A person is categorized as obese if you have a BMI 30 kg/m2 or more. BMI is measured by the ratio between body weight and body surface area represented by the height.

444.5 kg

Some UK hospitals have a special ambulance to transport obese patients, with a maximum of 444.5 kg carrying capacity. Ambulances usually only capable of carrying patients weighing up to 124 kg.

136 grams

Milkshake is referred to as the most unhealthy beverages in the United States an average of 136 grams of fat in 1 cup size. The content of his energy to reach 2010 calories, equivalent to the average human needs in a day.

711 people

In 2008, a restaurant in Pennsylvania ever to challenge visitors to spend the Belly Bruiser, a burger giant containing 6.8 kg of beef, 1.4 kg of cheese and 30,000 calories. A total of 711 contestants tried to eat it but failed, before finally a man named Brad Sciullo can finish within 4 hours 39 minutes.

21.3 kg

A cat is maintained by the residents of Queensland, Australia recorded as the fattest cat with a weight of 21.3 kg. Himmy this cat named Guinness had held the record before finally repealed to avoid the possibility of cat owners deliberately let his name go to fatten pet Guinness.


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