5 Complications of Pregnancy in Fat Women

Obesity or excessive obesity causes some risk to health. Especially in obese women who are pregnant are at higher risk for complications during delivery.

The team of researchers from Liverpool University found some complications in obese women who are pregnant. This discovery after conducting inspection 30 000 women who gave birth during the period of 4 years.

Some of the complications that occur in obese women during pregnancy, as reported by the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology is:

1. Obese women have a longer gestation period.
From the findings of 3 of 10 obese women have a long period of pregnancy, whereas women with normal body weight is only 2 of 10 of late delivery.

2. Obese pregnant women who require induction of artificial and require cesarean section.
One third of obese pregnant women need help in the process of induction of labor compared to normal women that only one quarter. And 3 out of 10 obese women had a cesarean delivery.

3. The majority of obese mothers who gave birth vaginally had a greater complication rate compared with normal weight.

4. Studies in 2007 showed almost half of the obese woman who died shortly after giving birth. The study also found that maternal obesity is currently one of the biggest risk when giving birth.

5. Obesity during pregnancy is often difficult process of induction and was associated with higher risk of caesarean section and possible complications that follow such as infection, bleeding and blood clots.

"Mother of obesity has become one of the risk factors that arise in the practice of midwifery, including the experience of prolonged pregnancy," said Dr. Sarah Arrowsmith from the University of Liverpool's Institute of Translational Medicine, as quoted by the Telegraph.

For that obese women should manage their weight before deciding to become pregnant. And should not be on a strict diet during pregnancy because it will affect the growth of the fetus.


Anonymous said...

Expectant Fathers: Beware Estrogen Poisoning


how long is pregnancy said...

no,Obese women have a shorter gestation period.
shorter, trust me...:)

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