Music Therapy Relieve Depression

Listening to music at leisure or when off work, can help create a more relaxed mind and body and restore energy. In fact, when listening to music on a regular basis in a timely manner, it can become a therapy that brings greater benefits to health. One of them is to eliminate depression, and even reduce the risk of cancer.

Listening to music alone is not therapy even though many people who listen to music a positive benefit, such as more relaxed and improve your mood, In addition, the use of music therapy can be widely applied to all the people in various conditions. Music therapy can be done to reduce the anxiety of patients who underwent various operations or a series of heavy process in the hospital. Because, the music will help reduce pain and improve mood of patients.

Music therapy also can help relieve depression in hospital patients more quickly. Music therapy can be applied to patients with Alzheimer's to make them quieter and helps improve memory. Not only that, the new parents with babies can become more calm after music therapy.''Music is an easy way to divert attention. When facing problems or heavy pressure, the music helps divert attention. Listening to music on a regular basis to make the atmosphere will be calm. In children, music can help them relax and sleep easy

Of course, in addition to listening to music, we also can play a musical instrument that can do well. By playing a musical instrument, we can get additional benefits, namely channel our sadness or anxiety in these activities play a musical instrument.


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