Benefits of Organic Food

Organic foods are better for our health and fitness. These foods are certified and produced as per the standards without the use of harmful chemicals. Organic foods are more nutritious, richer in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than non-organic foods. Let’s check out some benefits of Organic Food.

Benefits of Organic Food

1. More Nutrients : Organic food contain 10-50% higher amount of nutrients as compared to the conventional food.

2. No Artificial Pesticides : The use of artificial pesticides is banned on the organic farms and natural pesticides are used in its place. So, organic products like organic meat and organic milk does not contain any residual antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides or BSE.

3. Better Immune : Consumption of organic food strengthens your immune system and provides you better sleep.

4. Long Lasting : Organic food stays longer, without decaying, than the natural food.

5. Weight Problems : It also helps you to keep away weight problems.

6. Lesser Health Problem : Reduced risk of health problems is often associated with the consumption of organic food.

7. Prevent Illness : Organic foods carry less toxic chemicals they also can help prevent many illnesses that are connected to the chemicals we obtain in our foods.

8. Reduces Cancer Risk : Organic food contains phenolic compounds, which protects our heart from cardiovascular diseases and reduces the risk of cancer.

One of many the advantage of consuming organic products is that it promotes a healthier environment. Organic foods are clean pure and no carbon products which support rural farming communities.

Source: CarryFitness


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