8 Tips for Achieving Happiness Wedding

Number of exposure and the trials of life make a lot of couples who give up and finally decided to separate. Here are 8 tips to help you keep the marriage bond to be able to survive even in the face a variety of exams.

1. Have a quality communications

Strengthen your relationship with regular communication and quality. Do not hesitate to ask the little things like, "Having eat?" "How was your day at the office?" or "What you do today, honey?" These questions may seem trivial, but great things often start from the events of 'small' sort of thing. Your attention will make the day better. Even if there is no problem, the questions posed on the basis of that love can certainly make a flowery heart. Get used to talk about things no matter how small to your partner.

2. Dating after marriage

This is very, very helpful in deepening romance between you and your partner. When I was going out, you definitely will not forget how he's happy to do romantic things for you or vice versa. How excited you are currently preparing little surprises for him. After marriage, often all changed. Busyness and stress can make you both forget the beauty of courtship before and still maintain romance. You still need the routine activities carried out before marriage was like, watching movies, dinners together, went to a place-a place that once you go to two diligent.

3. Honeymoon second, third, and so on

Find time to spend time together, maybe stay in a hotel or went out of town to enjoy time together without any interference from other parties. Forget work, forget the burden of the problem. Enjoy these precious moments to reinforce your love.

4. Forgive and forget

The word apology is often the most difficult words thrown, the most parsimonious given. But from now on, try to be honest when you or the he had made a mistake. Ask for forgiveness and say with honest mistake that you or he does without being covered. Not enough just being honest with each other and apologize. Wrongdoer would have to try hard to not repeat mistakes. Moreover, if the mistake had hurt his partner. For those who feel harmed, be as a big heart to forgive because no man is perfect. Appreciate the honesty and courage couples to forgive and forget mistakes. After that, never again bring up 'old story'.

5. Trust and open

Trust is hard to have everyone, but the trust must have if you intend to have a happy family that survived the storms of life. Trust can be fostered if we learn to open to each other, do not cover even the slightest thing, telling, and tell anything to your partner, whether it's good news or bad.

6. Appreciating, correcting, and giving praise

Knowing the position and status within the family. As a wife, you are obligated to serve and be obedient to their husbands, while husbands are obliged to maintain the integrity and love and family happiness. Appreciate any opinions expressed by the couple even though you might not agree. No man is perfect. That means, no human being is always and must be true. Correcting each other (the right way) for the common good of course needs to be done. Respect is also a difference of opinion or views, if any. One more thing, do not be stingy to give a sincere compliment. This will add a warm both your marriage life.

7. Give support

Couples should be able to support each other because everyone has their own shortcomings and advantages. Either you or the he should be able to cover shortage
partner and highlight its advantages.

8. Appear attractive

After marriage, it does not mean you make him the task is complete awe. This precisely the right time to exert special efforts to look for him. It appears 'wow' and amaze not have to do every day, but it looks neat and clean should be maintained. The he would be proud to have partners who understand how and when to keep up appearances. Arose charming and treat yourself.


Karla said...

great tips, using these tips you can really achieve a happy wedding. Thanks for sharing

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