Brushing Teeth is Not Guaranteed Caries

Cleaning your teeth with brushing is believed not guarantee the occurrence of caries because there are some leftovers stuck in between teeth and hard to break through that process. "Teeth are very sensitive body parts and thus require intensive care," said Professor of the University of Airlangga to 391 scientific papers under the title New Paradigm in Management of Dental Caries, Prof. Dr. Sri Kunarti Prijambodo, drg., MS., Sp. KG (K), at Surabaya on Thursday.

According to him, caries is identified as the loss of mineral ions from the enamel of the tooth crown and root surfaces are kept - and again. Cause, stimulated the presence of bacterial flora of certain products such as many foods contain sugar. "Initially, mineral ions lost in the microscopic size and longer - eventually seen as white patches on the crown of the tooth. The failure of efforts to achieve a balanced state will result in cavities (cavities)," he said.

For that, he suggested, people from an early age to adulthood do cleaning your teeth regularly and gradually began to brush the teeth, using dental floss, and gargle with a special fluid "mouthwash". "Try using toothpaste and 'mouthwash' that each - each containing 'fluoride'. This is an early prevention of dental caries," he said.

Regarding the new paradigm of dental caries treatment, he says, is the maintenance prior to the occurrence of dental caries. Moreover, during the prevention of dental caries is always focused on children - children up to elementary school age. "In fact, among teenagers to the elderly, also need education regarding the prevention of caries," he said.

The approach initially, he added, focused on management of caries as an infectious disease. Moreover, in dental caries that has been formed hole should be penumpatan dental care. "At that time, all layers of society must come to the dentist so they have a chance to save the other teeth (not caries)," he said.

If the patient does not pay attention to the prevention of teeth still intact, he added, the next few months they come back menambalkan other teeth. Therefore, prevention of dental caries problem is often known as multifaktoral disease need comprehensive and continuous effort. "This step must involve the wider community, both nationally and internationally," he said.


Jerri Larimore said...

With most of the food today having a notch of sugar, upgrading our teeth's defense should be a must. Brushing, mouth-washing and using dental floss, all in one, can help. However, seek medical assistance first for better dental benefits. :)

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