Walking in the Morning Make Fresh All Day

Some people prefer to go to the gym or join an aerobics class that expensive. Though sports walk in the morning can provide more benefits and make the body fresh throughout the day.

Walking is an activity that can be done by anyone regardless of sex and age and can be performed anywhere without the need for expensive equipment.

This is because freshness is obtained in the morning starting from the air and the environment will affect the body. This condition makes the body ready to perform various activities during the day.

Also running in the morning also makes the body's lungs filled with fresh air through respiration, thus providing a more healthy life for blood cells in the body. And create better coordination between the mind and soul.

A fresh mind would make a better mood that will automatically contribute to the improvement of health conditions. And body movements that involve all muscle will make circulation more smoothly.

Some other benefits that can be obtained from running in the morning is the flexibility of the body due to extensive stretching of muscles during walking, reduce the strain on the bone and tissue, increasing the strength of heart and helps burn fat, as quoted from Healthwealth.

Before conducting a walk in the morning there are some things you should consider in order obtaining maximum benefit, namely:

  1.  Be sure to not eat a heavy meal an hour before walking, because digesting requires a lot of body energy so that it can overload yourself.
  2. Avoid highways are too crowded, but look for the shade and only a few vehicles passing by so they can make the mind relax and get more oxygen.
  3. Vary your walking route once every week so does not feel bored, and this activity can last long.
  4. If possible try to vary your walking with brisk walking, for example 2 minutes’ walk fast and then 2 minutes later as usual.


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