Disease-Free Formulas

Do not smoke. Avoid junk food. Monitor continues to waist circumference. And walk!

Maybe we've heard the advice over a thousand times. But, do you know if we actually run the fourth case, we can reduce the chance affected the majority of chronic disease by 80%?

The fact was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine who has researched the health, lifestyle, and eating habits of 23,513 adults in Germany, with age range 35 to 65 years. The researchers found the volunteers who run a healthy lifestyle, tend to be rarely affected by diseases, like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

This study also includes detailed analysis from height and weight, medical history, frequency of eating, and how the volunteers to follow these four healthy lifestyle in this study lasted 8 years. Believe it or not, these four healthy lifestyle that is the advice that we often hear, namely: No smoking, exercising at least 3.5 hours a week, keeping their BMI below 30. Following a diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread, and limiting intake of meat. Most of the volunteers underwent a lifestyle, only 9% of those attending the four lifestyle requested.

After adjusting by risk factors that may affect the progression of the disease, the researchers found that volunteers who followed all the healthy habits can lower their risk of developing chronic diseases, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and 78% rather than volunteers who reported not living a healthy lifestyle altogether.

In particular, if all four healthy lifestyle is done can reduce the risk of diabetes by 93% to 81% of heart attack, stroke 50%, and cancer by 36%. Researchers say how important it is to adopt healthy habits and teach this as early as possible.

You want to stay fit and avoided the deadly disease? Avoid cigarette (if you're a smoker, quit immediately), always keep a healthy weight with a BMI below 30, do physical activity at least 3.5 hours a week, and run a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and less red meat, suggestions Earl S. Ford, MPH, one of the researchers.


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