Baby Signs Enough Breastmilk

Most nursing mothers may wonder whether the baby is getting enough milk or not. To know there are some things that the mother could be evaluated.

If the baby is exclusively breastfed and no other intake is difficult for mothers to find out how much milk is drunk by the child, this will make mothers worry whether the baby gets enough nutrients or not.

Dr. Utami Roesli, SpA, MBA, IBCLC who never met detikHealth said in the first 6 months of life for all nutritional needs from protein, carbohydrates and others have provided for the exclusive breastfeeding.

Dr. Utami also advised the mother to breastfeed the child until the age of 2 years. Because of the 500 cc of breast milk received by children aged 2 years have fulfilled 31 percent carbohydrates, 38 percent protein, 45 percent of vitamin A and 95 percent of vitamin C a child.

Yet parents, especially mothers can see some signs that can be assured that your baby getting enough milk, as quoted from the Mayo Clinic on Monday (2/14/2011), namely:

Does your baby have a normal weight?
Weight loss can often be the most reliable signs to know your baby getting enough nutrients or not. Although the baby will experience a 10 percent reduction in body weight after birth, but his weight will go up again within 10-14 days. Diligently to weigh, so parents can find baby weight chart.

How often do babies feed?
In most newborn babies will feed as many as 8-12 times a day, which is about every 2-3 hours. If your baby sleeps in a long time or more than 4 hours, then try to wake him to feed. In addition, mothers do not have to worry about her breast milk will run out if you continue to suck, because the more often the baby suckles the breast will produce more milk.

Can the mother hear the baby swallowing?
If observed carefully, then the mother could hear the baby swallow the milk and the presence of strong and rhythmic movements of the baby's lower jaw. This condition can convince the mother that the baby is feeding properly.

What mother felt in her breast?
When a baby is breastfed properly, then the mother will feel the sensation like there is an interesting sensation as gentle and not pinched or pulled her nipples. Generally, your breasts will feel full before feeding and taste soft and empty afterwards.

How is the condition of a baby diaper?
On the fourth day after birth the baby will have a wet diaper 6-8 times per day and have started to defecate on a regular basis every day. During the first few days of baby's stool will be dark and sticky, and then turn into yellow.

Does the baby seem healthy?
Generally, if the baby is getting enough milk intake seemed satisfied and he will calm down after a feed, become actively engaged, his eyes look bright and 'alert', and the baby's mouth and lips that look moist.

Each baby's eating patterns generally have unique and sometimes differ from one another, but the mother could use the instinct to be more assured. During the baby grow and develop optimally and have a normal weight, then the mother can be sure that the baby gets adequate nutrition needs.


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