The first man in the UK with the Bionic Body

Chris Taylor lost his right hand in a jet-ski accident that occurred terrible four years ago. At that time, Chris could just let go and think that will end his career as engineer.

But who would have thought if Chris is now able to go back up the stairs, clutching a rope to perform complex jobs such as installing wiring in the house thanks to a bionic hand which was recently acquired.

Chris is the first person in the UK is fortunate to get the 'Michaelangelo Hand', a unique prosthetic organ that has a radius of electronics. This means that Chris can move the fifth finger with his right arm muscles as well as the original hand.

47,000 pounds for this device has a number of electrodes that can sense the movement of the muscle, triggering the emergence of electronic signals that will be read by the software that is in the 'hands'. This is the software that will control the hand and led him to open, close and hold anything.

Not to forget, the device itself can be switched on and off simply by pressing a button located on the top of a bionic hand.

Thanks to this device, now Chris can hold and grasping various objects with different shapes and performs simple household chores such as buttoning a shirt or takes a set of keys.

Christ’s right hand 58-year-old 'lost' when he fell while playing the jet-ski in the sea Torquay, Devon in 2009. Actually now that Chris central gripping a rope to pull her son who had been wearing a life jacket when a large wave hit the boat. Malang, when Chris was thrown into the water, the rope tightened and tore his hand to drop.

Since then, Chris participated in the trial prosthetic hand that held the National Health Service (NHS). But unfortunately the 'hand' that has limited functionality. Not satisfied, Chris was looking through the internet and finding alternative technologies 'Michaelangelo Hand' which has been developed in the U.S. and Germany. Lucky Chris was able to purchase the insurance premiums thanks he got.

Then Chris was referred to a clinic called Dorset Orthopaedic who were trying out the new device. Once purchased, the device was attached to his arm and Chris be the first person in the UK who uses a bionic hand.

Father three children from Ivybridge, Devon said, "I am interested in new technologies. Fact part of the device is made of silicone so it fits better with my arm. Mrs. finger can be controlled electronically."

"This tool will make a big change in my life, although maybe it was not as good as a normal arm but it was much better than I got before. I can take a lot of stuff and do things that everyone can do," he concluded.

Even so, users hand made from some kind of metal and plastic is still need training sessions with therapists to familiarize themselves with the movement.


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